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Eighth Doctor
Face-Off by infiniteviking [Reviews - 3] Printer
Author's Notes:
Prompt: 'glamour'.

Fabulously attired in a dark green eighteenth-century frock coat, his lapels glittering with sequins, the Doctor threaded his way through the Pamepovellian throng. All around him, collars flared in stiffly formal frills and golden buckles shone diplomatically, but it was the masks that made it difficult to pick individual aliens out of the crowd.

One of the waiters jostled him, apologising obsequiously. Its ears twitched with admiration. "Nice mask, sir."

"Oh, I'm not wearing one," said the Doctor, and then buried his face in one hand as the Pamepovellian stared, shrieked, and fled. Just because I don't have tusks.....
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