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Ninth Doctor
Treasures of Lost Gallifrey by scarlett_key [Reviews - 25] Printer Chapter or Story

1. Chapter 1: The Merchant's Wares by scarlett_key [Reviews - 3] (1056 words)
This idea started as a set-up for Jack/Nine. The deeper into I got into it, though, the more I realized there was a real plot here, a real adventure. There are certainly going to be several chapters. This chapter is definitely G-rated. I expect, as things move on, that that will change. For Jack/Nine shippers, I intend there to be some hotness. For the rest, I hope you just think it's a good story. --Comments are love. Enjoy!

2. Chapter 2: Movement by scarlett_key [Reviews - 2] (792 words)
Jack helps ease the Doctor's stress. Once they get back into town, the trail for the Vortex channels heats up.

3. Chapter 3: The Hunt by scarlett_key [Reviews - 4] (1186 words)
Hot on the trail of the mysterious trader, the Doctor, Jack and Rose make progress in their search. Jack reflects on the situation between the three of them. --Comments are love. Enjoy!

4. Chapter 4: The Trader by scarlett_key [Reviews - 2] (2293 words)
The Doctor, Jack and Rose get closer to the truth: who Mischa is, what Mischa is, and where she's getting Vortex channels. Once the Doctor, Rose and Jack have those answers, bigger questions--and one enormous problem--remain....

5. Chapter 5: The TARDIS by scarlett_key [Reviews - 4] (1878 words)
Chapter 5 of 6 0r 7:
The Doctor, Jack and Rose find the source of Mischa's contraband and the Doctor makes a choice about its fate. In the meanwhile, Jack is faced with an enormous problem--and realizes that there may be only one horrifying solution.... --Comments are love. Enjoy!

6. Chapter 6: A Fight Over More than Surfaces by scarlett_key [Reviews - 6] (1386 words)
Mischa seals her own fate and Jack does the only thing he can in the face of her resolve. (Sorry for the delay on this chapter. This was a tough one for me to write. I don't expect the next one to be any easier. I just hope it's worth the wait.) Comments are love!

7. Chapter 7: Reckoning by scarlett_key [Reviews - 4] (2617 words)
Jack comes face to face with the Doctor after he concludes business with Mischa.
And so the story concludes. It doesn't end the way I had planned, but the characters wrested the story from me and made it their own. It's not quite what I promised, but I think it ends in a way that makes sense for all concerned and is emotionally satisfying. Hope you agree and enjoy. Comments are love.

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