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1. Typical Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 20] (1255 words)
Here's the start of that fifteen part fic I promised a while ago, now that I've got my Internet connection back finally!

I知 going to start off with the assumption that I知 working in an AU Doomsday Series 3 fix where Ten, Rose, and Jack are all traveling together in the TARDIS. So many wonderful stories have been written to bring about such an AU, I値l leave the exact mechanics of it to your imagination. Basically, the three of them are in a comfortably close, well established friendship. The details of their sex life, if any, I will also leave up to your imagination, as it doesn稚 come up in this story. Since I知 already tossing out canon, I知 having Jackie and Mickey sill in this universe as well.

Disclaimer/Apology: I don稚 own these characters, I知 just borrowing them. For better or worse, I happen to be American. So please excuse my English.

2. Uneasy Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 4] (1150 words)
Hmmm less pleased with the first part of this than I壇 like, but here痴 the next bit anyway. I promised an OT3 angsty hurt/comfort whumpage story, and that痴 what I値l deliver. It痴 just taking a few parts to get there. Let me know what you think.

3. Bad Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 2] (702 words)
And here痴 part three. Starting to pick up a bit now. This story seems to have gotten off to a less than auspicious start, but if you stick with it I think you値l like the rest of it well enough.

4. Worse Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 6] (1616 words)
On to part four, as things get worse for the Doctor. A big thanks to everyone who痴 reviewed so far!

5. Terrifying Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 8] (1182 words)
Hey! Today痴 (3 August 2007) my birthday! Here痴 yet more Doctor-whump to commemorate the occasion. :-)

6. Angry Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 6] (2639 words)
AN: A very special thanks to everyone who left birthday wishes in their comments! Makes me feel loved. I do suppose it might be an odd way to celebrate one痴 birthday, but [Master] 壮暖ood, isn稚 it? [/Master] Here痴 part six, wherein the situation continues to degenerate into a bit of a sadistic mindfuck and Rose and Jack get very, very angry.

7. Waiting Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 8] (2063 words)
Things come to a head as we reach about the halfway point for this story.

8. Difficult Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 8] (1437 words)
To borrow ponygirl痴 wonderful wording, 鼎omfort tiem nao! But, as most of you guessed, it痴 not going to be quite that easy

9. Tiring Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 13] (1637 words)
First we get into the Doctor痴 head a bit, and then we get some TARDIS/Doctor love!

10. Trusting Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 7] (1401 words)
You池e all going to hate me for this. Here痴 part ten, in which progress is made, and lost lest you think that I was actually going to start being nice to my poor characters!

11. Helpful Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 13] (3404 words)
And now for the unusually long part eleven, in which we have some more angst, some more characters, and then some more honest to goodness healing.

12. Healing Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 11] (1449 words)
Heading into the home stretch now! Those of you who enjoy Motherly!Jackie as much as I do will love this part. You will also find that Jack got a taste of the kissing and decided he liked it, and wanted more! And, at the end, a little chuckle suggested by one of you, my faithful readers. :-)

13. Scary Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 8] (3299 words)
Part Thirteen, another long one, in which reaction sets in and the Doctor scares his companions. As a point of interest, the alternate title for this part was Vengeful Things.

14. Painful Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 7] (2925 words)
Almost to the end, now. I知 glad you致e all stuck with me this long, and I hope you all enjoy the remainder of the story.

15. Recovering Things by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 28] (2782 words)
Well, here we are at the end. I want to thank everyone who took this journey with me, all of you who kept checking back for updates and reading along with this story. But I want especially to thank those of you who took the time to review, because it is your reviews that ultimately make the effort of writing truly enjoyable for me. If you値l indulge me, I壇 like to retroactively dedicate this story to those of you, you know who you are, who reviewed every chapter, always with something nice or emotional or wonderfully Britpicky to say. And especially to those of you who suggested things that wound up making this story that much better, like the burning of the coat, the kisses, and the Doctor痴 need to brush his teeth. This story grew through your reviews, and I can稚 thank you enough. I hope you enjoy the ending! :-)

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