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1. The Christmas Invasion by avoria [Reviews - 6] (1906 words)
I’ve finally managed to get this one up. Wasn’t intending to do a series, but oh well, that’s the way it went. Reading the companion pieces to season one isn’t necessary to understand this, unless you want to see how the Doctor and Rose’s relationship has developed so far. My aim is to make this believable and what actually could have happened between episodes. I hope this covers all your needs (:

“Speaking of trouble – and change, come to that – er ...how did I end up in Howard’s pyjamas?”

2. New Earth by avoria [Reviews - 5] (2182 words)
“No,” he interrupts. It’s soft yet forceful and Rose stops mid-sentence, astounded. She stares at him.

“What d’you mean ‘no’?” she wonders somewhat sceptically. “You just said, you can’t ignore the inevitable.”

“I know. But the answer is still no.”

3. Tooth and Claw by avoria [Reviews - 2] (1956 words)
I've been away all summer, hence the silence. However...

There is silence for a few moments and then the muffled sound of fabric on fabric. The door opens, just wide enough for Rose’s head to poke around the corner, and the Doctor notices with some surprise that – firstly – she hadn’t locked the door and – secondly – she is wearing little more than a pink bath towel.

“Did you just ask if I wanted a ...sandwich?”

4. Interlude - Remember the Old Days by avoria [Reviews - 4] (2043 words)
“I think it’s time,” he begins hesitantly, a slight frown pulling at his features, “that you knew the truth.”

5. School Reunion by avoria [Reviews - 5] (2877 words)
“Rose,” he whispers, in an unbelievably soft tone that he knows sends a shudder down her spine even when she’s trying to be angry with him. “Look at me.”

She does so, and her eyes are so cold he almost winces.

6. The Girl in the Fireplace by avoria [Reviews - 7] (3432 words)
What he wanted so desperately with Reinette, he also wants with Rose. He can’t hide. Not now, not after everything that’s happened. It was easier with the fantasy, with the distraction, because part of him knew it would never be real. But Rose...

7. Interlude - The Stuff of Legends by avoria [Reviews - 9] (1779 words)
After half a minute or so goes by, it’s pure misfortune when both men speak at the same time.

“How are you getting on with this life?” the Doctor asks, just as Mickey says, “You know she’s got feelings for you, right?”

8. Rise of the Cybermen by avoria [Reviews - 1] (605 words)

The risk of using the small piece of the TARDIS almost isn’t worth it – but the risk of death, especially of those he is supposed to be protecting, is so much worse. The decision has already been made, really.

9. The Age of Steel by avoria [Reviews - 5] (2733 words)

He doesn’t prompt her for an answer because maybe she doesn’t need to say anything. He’s content to just lie with her, surrounded by her warmth and her fingers between his as he just holds her and wishes that he could always allow himself times like these.

10. The Idiot's Lantern by avoria [Reviews - 4] (2134 words)
His knuckles graze her jawline softly, his touch a caress. She looks at him with wide, dark eyes, her attention focused completely on him. He is not even aware if conversation has been passing between them, but the next thing he knows he is leaning towards her, eyelids sinking closed in the heat of desire.

11. The Impossible Planet by avoria [Reviews - 7] (3170 words)
She can feel her own tears rise from the back of her throat and, untangling her hand from his, she shifts to pull him to her comfortingly. She doesn’t know what else to do.

WARNING: Lots of angst.

12. The Satan Pit by avoria [Reviews - 14] (7955 words)
It's been a long time since he's burned. WARNING: Graphic themes in this chapter.

13. Interlude - In the Space of a Moment by avoria [Reviews - 0] (1370 words)

14. Love and Monsters by avoria [Reviews - 2] (2864 words)

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