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Tenth Doctor
Lost Moments by Clairy_Fairy [Reviews - 2] Printer

The Doctor lay on his bed in a state of semi-consciousness. It was the first time in years he had taken the time to step back and look at on his life. He was constantly moving, this was the first time he crashed.

That year's christmas had been eventful and he had met a great woman, Donna, who's strength reminded him of Rose.

Suddenly, at the one mention of his lost friend, the memories started flowing in, it was like an automatic button towards a movie of lost moments where he could've declared his love to her.

There was a flash and suddenly he was seeing the christmas he spent at Jackie's. They were all there, him, Mickey, Jackie and Rose, all laughing as he put on his paper hat. He had never seen Rose look so beautiful, she was beaming at him and was illuminating the whole room. That smile, that deep, magnificent smile he would never see again.

The Doctor couldn't stop the memories, the mute button didn't exist so he had to keep remembering, no matter how hard it was to relive those moments.

In another blink of an eye, he was seeing something else. It was the moment he met her. How could he have guessed that he would fall in love with that young woman? The Doctor chuckled silently to himself as he heard his previous body shout "Run for your life!". The clip in his head stopped as Rose ran into the TARDIS for the second time. That time seemed so far away...

The Doctor couldn't take it anymore but the memories kept coming, he wanted them to stop.

The third clip came around. They were lying down in the grass admiring New New York and laughing. It was so romantic, why hadn't he kissed her? He hated himself for not having done it. Before he could think about anything else, the memory ended.

He grabbed onto the duvet in dread, he knew what was next.

It was the last minutes they spent together. Both of them were holding onto the magnetic handles, joking around while they were bashed about. Suddenly, something went wrong, Rose's hands started to slip. She was clinging onto the metal bar as well as she could but it was too late. The Doctor could see in her eyes that she knew her fate. Screaming as he watched Rose fall into the void but then being caught by Pete, he knew it was the end, she was never coming back.

The memories stopped, the Doctor was screaming, that moment was too painful. A tear ran down his cheek, it was all over, he was alone and he missed Rose more than ever. He needed time to think.

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