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Tenth Doctor
a reunion fic made out of boredom by Clairy_Fairy [Reviews - 4] Printer

The sun was shining over parallel London and everyone was getting up in the Tyler household. Rose was awoken by the cries of her little sister Effy. She groaned when her mother shouted up the stairs:

"Come on Rose! You're running late for work!"

It was one of those days where nothing was out of the ordinary and they had been that way for a year, ever since that day on the beach. She felt like a zombie, as if her life had no meaning. She finally got out of bed and slipped on the first clothes she got her hands on, she didn't bother with makeup, what was the point of looking pretty if she had no one to be pretty for?

She looked at her watch, eight thirty, she was going to have to hurry if she wanted to get to Torchwood in time. Rose ran downstairs, grabbed a coffee, said goodbye to everyone and made her way to the bus stop. Sick with herself for feeling down, she decided to apply mascara while waiting for the C24, she was maybe broken hearted but she didn't want it to show, she tried to smile but inside, she was still in agony.

At work it was the usual, no one ever tried to have a conversation with her, her coworkers avoided her like plague, as if a broken heart was contagious. Nothing out of the usual once again...

During lunch break, she ran up to the wall where she had found herself separated from the Doctor. She just sat there staring into space when the tears came falling down. She couldn't stay there, she needed to get out. She ran down the stairs and through the cafeteria as fast as she could. Who cared what everyone thought of her? She ran through the street, ignoring people's gazes as she rushed through. Where would she go? Rose didn't know, all she wanted to do was get out of her boring life.

She got to the end of the street, parked there was a Police Box. Was it some cruel joke? She walked passed it but turned around, she wanted a look inside. Even if it was some kind of prank, what did she have to lose?

She opened the door slowly, it wasn't the sight of the TARDIS that made her speechless, it was the sight of the man in the middle of the room who had started to run towards her. The Doctor, her Doctor. He kissed her and Rose's life was turned all over again.
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