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Suspending Belief by imsanehonest [Reviews - 30] Printer Chapter or Story

1. Chapter 1 by imsanehonest [Reviews - 3] (2439 words)
I didnít mean to write this. Really, I didnít. These guys just wonít leave me be. *grin* Any and all concrit is most welcome, as Iíve still got no beta, no Britishness, and am still very very new. Thank you all for your time!

2. Chapter 2 by imsanehonest [Reviews - 2] (4136 words)
There was a little problem last time when I tried to add this chapter, so I'm reposting. Sorry to all of those who have been forced to look here twice! Still no beta (etc.), and all mistakes are mine. Concrit is always welcomed and loved. As are cookies, since weíre on the subject of welcomed and loved things. YummÖ cookies. *zones out* Erm, I mean, thank you all for your time!

3. Chapter 3 by imsanehonest [Reviews - 2] (3188 words)
No beta, not British, limited knowledge of canon. Help and constructive criticism is loved and cherished (and likely needed). Thank you for your time!

4. Chapter 4 by imsanehonest [Reviews - 1] (4425 words)
Concrit is always needed and appreciated. Thank you for your time!

5. Chapter 5 by imsanehonest [Reviews - 2] (4454 words)
Any concrit or simple advice is always worshiped, as Iím certain that Iím making mistakes at every turn. Plus Iím still not British (woe) and have no beta (more woe). Thank you for your time!

6. Chapter 6 by imsanehonest [Reviews - 0] (6519 words)
No beta (but not for lack of offers! *bows before the awesome of you all* You guys are all so nice! And I will be taking you all up on it if when a new bunny pops up. I just feel so awkward making someone come in most of the way throughÖ), not British and limited to New-Who canon knowledge. As such (in addition to my many other glaring faults) any concrit is most welcome! Thank you for your time!

7. Chapter 7 by imsanehonest [Reviews - 1] (4332 words)
Not cool enough to be British, not old-school enough to know canon and although people keep offering, the storyís almost done, so no beta. (Next time around though... If I ever write again itís going to be the most beta-ed thing on the planet, mark my words.) As such, any concrit is always welcomed. Thank you for your time!

8. Chapter 8 by imsanehonest [Reviews - 2] (3534 words)
My fantastic friend eponymous_rose (from LJ) said, ĎEnough is enough!í and was gracious enough to look this chapter over. So if your eyes donít fall out, itís all thanks to her skill and power of awesome. Many thanks to her, as she is wonderful and brilliant and deserves lots of cookies. That being said, any and all concrit is still most welcomed. Thanks for your time!

9. Chapter 9 by imsanehonest [Reviews - 11] (7242 words)
This last chapter was so graciously looked over by the talented and magnificent eponymous_rose and lookatmoiye7 from LJ. They are both lovely and beautiful people who get mountains of thanks and cookies! (Because everything great should involve cookies at some point.) However, even with their help my faults know no bounds, and as such concrit is always welcomed. Thank you all for your time and itís been a blast!

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