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The Worst Doctor Who Story Ever by Astrid [Reviews - 23] Printer

The worst dr. who story

Warning: Reading this story could cause damage to your eyes, your brain, and your mortal soul. So be warned...

Teh werzt dr who fic eaver!1!!!!!11

OK SO TEH 8 dcotar (te kyoooot 1 paly by PUal Mcgan!!! ^_^) waz innn his tsaris and ha say “kewl may by ill go toanother palnent!” sothwtardoias landerd ansd he wnet otu and saw lots of rtocks. so he loked arognd and satuff ands then he saw a betiful gurl!!!! She look at ehm nad he say “your pritty what your name?” “MY NaMe iz astrid!!! LOLOLOLOLOL” “jhi, im DoCtar WhooO!!!”. hwe hasd a felling hwe nevear felt be4. “OMG I luv u astrid do yu ewanna travel with me?” “OK!!!!!!!!!^_^ ^_^ ^_^” So tey wned intho the tarods and it dematerialise. rhen thwey had all; kinfs of sex (ooohhhhh OMG im so naufhty! ^_^ LOLOLOL). twen twe tarods stooped and Doc say “Whant hapopen?” so thry step outsife and there were alot of theother compantions! Ace, Adirc, Sara Jane, Parry, Leala, Ramona, and mel. ‘ohj doctoe hwoe cloud you leve us?!?!?!??” go way he luvs me saod astrid! So then a;lle the grils starded figthing over twh DOc and he ;lved wacthing!! Tajhn adroc started whining and so d0crer wh0 shot him. aNd every1 cheeredc!!! So rhewn they starded a party and ther wade mucic by britny speres and nsync and the backrstreet biys and ir was koooooooool;;;!!! But hen on tejh sacannar was the MASTAR!!!!! “HOW ARE YOU GENTLEMEN ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!!!” he said. “oh no its the master oh no on no” the docter saty. and teh mAStur kidnapped asTrid.A nd the doctwer cryed!! DONT WOERRY PROFWESSER WELL GET HER BAC said ace. SO then in a bigh qwarry teh doc and his comps where lined up 4 battel!!! oN the oThear ,side there was the dALeks and the cibermen and Yety and silurions ansd the Vailyard and The Rani (the two Ronnies!! IM SO clevar!!! LOLOLOLLOL) adnd john nathen-tuerner and micheal grade and THE MASTER!!!! SO then thety were fighting and thsr wass vblood vwefverywhere nasd the doctoear kcikked ass abdf killed al lot snad he bleew up smoem palnets it was so kewl OMG! aCE balew up a lot of stuff and meL just screamed a lit and got killed. Thne leela jkciked ass adn sara jane had a chainsawe so she cut JNT in half. “OH NO NOT MY HAWAIAN SHRIT!!!!! OMG OMG!!!” eh said and then he was relly ded. ANds after all thet the DOcrtar found then Madster trying toe rape asteid. “Master you arte so stuped tou cant rape her with your toe.” “SILENE” ansd ten the master took out his tissue compoerresin eleminateir (OMG it looks like a thingy LOLOLOLOL) and said “Diew, doecrat die!!!” and shot him and the dcotor died. “NOOO!!1111}” sceremed Asrid!!! Romona got her out adn she said “GALLYFREI PRISN POWER MAKE UP!!!” and became sailer Gallufrey!!! SHe blasted th master into bits!!! YAYY! But on no rthw Doctoe isn dead and so thety all crotched aorund his body andd cried baut there tears brought him back to lifke!!! He regenreared baxck into TOm Bakar!!!!!!!!! Everyoen was happey “talk aboutn deja vu!!!” he siad!! aNd then he merried aStird and aHDD 5 KIDZ!!!!


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