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1. In The Junkyard by DameRuth [Reviews - 19] (5213 words)
So, I went and did it to myself again -- I mentioned to a friend that I'd been seeing some DW/Firefly crossovers, and she was suddenly all over me to do one. I laughed it off, since I have three unfinished stories going as it is, but once that seed was planted in my brain, it just started *growing* . . . I'm using Ten, Rose and Jack from my own little personal AU setting here (post "Finders Keepers" and "Promises To Keep"); the Firefly characters are post-"Serenity." I do have to thank River for giving me Jack's "nickname"; I'd been thinking if I had the Wolf and the Storm, just plain old "Jack" was a little bland for the third member of the team -- but the part of my brain playing River remembered Abbadon, and gave me the perfect sobriquet.

2. In The Galley I by DameRuth [Reviews - 6] (1426 words)
A little bit of character interaction I simply could not resist. Hopefully it will make a nice interlude before the next chapter (and it gives me some time to think!).

3. In The Galley II by DameRuth [Reviews - 2] (1401 words)
Expostion time! And some character funnies along the way . . . :)

4. In the Infirmary I by DameRuth [Reviews - 4] (2569 words)
River makes an offer, and Mal holds his peace. . .

5. In The Infirmary II by DameRuth [Reviews - 2] (1769 words)
A little more getting to know one another, in various ways, for our two sets of characters. Mal decides to sleep on the Doctor's offer.

6. In The TARDIS by DameRuth [Reviews - 1] (2231 words)
As further proof of The Power of Reviews, I've decided to add a new AU character to the mix -- Junior. He got a lot of positive feedback, and I'm seeing all kinds of potential for him . . . for those who have not yet read it, my story "Junior" introduces him, but reading that shouldn't be necessary for following along.

7. In Your Dreams I by DameRuth [Reviews - 5] (1519 words)
River and the Doctor go for a bit of a walk and see the sights.

8. In Your Dreams II by DameRuth [Reviews - 14] (2617 words)
River decides to help set things in motion, and arranges a meeting between Mal and the Doctor.

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