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1. Staying Alive by wmr [Reviews - 19] (3467 words)
With grateful thanks to Ponygirl and Gillian Taylor for BRing and general support and encouragement - you rock, ladies!

2. Sick Bed by wmr [Reviews - 7] (4754 words)

3. Christmas Spirit by wmr [Reviews - 5] (4686 words)

4. Downtime by wmr [Reviews - 5] (4477 words)

5. Not A Bad Life by wmr [Reviews - 4] (4966 words)

6. Of Wolves and Bandits by wmr [Reviews - 5] (5180 words)

7. They Keep Killing Jack by wmr [Reviews - 6] (5035 words)

8. Secrets by wmr [Reviews - 4] (4557 words)

9. Torchwood by wmr [Reviews - 3] (4180 words)

10. Revisiting History by wmr [Reviews - 7] (5108 words)

11. Lost Companions by wmr [Reviews - 5] (5325 words)
Thanks to mls03j for a couple of terrific phrases that I had to borrow for this chapter. Sorry that posting of this story has slowed down, but I'm running low on buffer. I know how the story's going to go from where I am, but I'm just not finding the words flowing as fast as I need them to at present. :/

12. Liar, Liar by wmr [Reviews - 5] (5229 words)

13. Answers by wmr [Reviews - 6] (4936 words)

14. My Immortals by wmr [Reviews - 6] (5314 words)

15. Stranded by wmr [Reviews - 6] (5034 words)

16. The Number of the Beast by wmr [Reviews - 8] (4986 words)
Disclaimer: Some of the dialogue in this chapter comes directly from the episode The Impossible Planet, by Matt Jones.

17. The Bitter Pill by wmr [Reviews - 5] (5820 words)
Again, snippets of dialogue here and there taken from Matt Jones' brilliant The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit.

18. Mind Games by wmr [Reviews - 4] (4385 words)
Again, with selected dialogue borrowed from the episodes The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit by Matt Jones.

19. Faith by wmr [Reviews - 9] (5127 words)
A final HUGE thanks to everyone who's stuck with this monster all the way through, including my lovely betas Gillian Taylor and Ponygirl and also those of you who've posted feedback either here or on LJ. This morphed way, way beyond anything I ever intended (and probably needs drastic pruning) but your encouragement helped to motivate me to finish. Hope you like the final chapter :)

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