Sense by Adalia Zandra

Summary: One by one they left him, increasingly cut off, alone, in the silence and the dark, until only touch remainedÖ touch, and pain.
Rating: Teen
Categories: Tenth Doctor
Characters: Jack Harkness, Jackie Tyler, Mickey Smith, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The TARDIS
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
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Published: 2007.07.27
Updated: 2007.08.16

Sense by Adalia Zandra
Chapter 1: Typical Things
Author's Notes: Here's the start of that fifteen part fic I promised a while ago, now that I've got my Internet connection back finally!

Iím going to start off with the assumption that Iím working in an AU Doomsday Series 3 fix where Ten, Rose, and Jack are all traveling together in the TARDIS. So many wonderful stories have been written to bring about such an AU, Iíll leave the exact mechanics of it to your imagination. Basically, the three of them are in a comfortably close, well established friendship. The details of their sex life, if any, I will also leave up to your imagination, as it doesnít come up in this story. Since Iím already tossing out canon, Iím having Jackie and Mickey sill in this universe as well.

Disclaimer/Apology: I donít own these characters, Iím just borrowing them. For better or worse, I happen to be American. So please excuse my English.

Part One — Typical Things

It had started out like any other adventure. Inimical aliens, an unwitting and uncooperative local populace, lots of running and shouting and manic laughter-in-the-face-of-terrible-danger, and very little time to catch one’s breath.

It had even ended rather like any other adventure. Success by the seats of their collective trousers, or fetching miniskirt and leggings, in Rose’s case, and an amusing moment during the walk back to the TARDIS in which Jack and Rose had watched the Doctor absent-mindedly lick the sonic screwdriver only to get a mouthful of mud for his troubles. He stopped in his tracks, as if surprised that the muddy device would, in fact, taste of mud.

“Bleh,” the Doctor commented, with feeling, eyeing the sonic as if it had betrayed him.

“That’s what you get for licking things that have spent the last two days in a swamp, Doc,” Jack cheerfully pointed out. Stepping closer to the Doctor with a leer, he continued, “But if you’re willing to wait for me to take a shower, or maybe just join me to take a shower, we can…”

“You just stop right there, Jack Harkness!” Rose called, rescuing the startled Time Lord from the predatory advance of his other companion.

Where their first Doctor had often parried Jack’s flirtations with ease, and occasionally riposted with deadly accuracy, Jack had found that this new Doctor could be caught off guard and knocked off balance if one worked hard enough. Predictably, Jack had been delighted in this discovery and gleefully took every opportunity to hassle the Time Lord. The Doctor didn’t so much let him get away with is as he endured it with a long-suffering patience.

Rose, who admittedly found the resulting interactions amusing, often spoke up in the Doctor’s defense. Just to keep things even, she insisted, since the Doctor seemed to have lost his Jack-proof armor when he’d regenerated.

“Oh, you can join us, too, honey,” Jack replied, turning his attention to Rose with a wink.

“Wouldn’t you just love that, you perv,” Rose replied happily, watching as the Doctor regained his composure with a blink, then proceeded to run his tongue along the roof of his mouth in an attempt to dull the taste of the mud. Jack’s innuendo diffused and forgotten, the mud was once again his top priority. His expression of pure distaste was priceless.

“My point, exactly!” Jack stated with finality, noticing that Rose’s attention was elsewhere. Truthfully, they both thought the Doctor’s newfound ease of expression to be a nearly constant source of fascination.

“This may be the most unpleasant taste I’ve encountered in… a long time,” the Doctor complained thoughtfully.

“Well, like I said…” Jack started.

“Jack!” Rose cut him off, laughing reprovingly.

“Yes, ma’am, I’ll be good,” Jack acquiesced with a brilliant smile. Since they were apparently taking a rest on their trek back to the TARDIS, Jack settled himself on a nearby log and took out his blaster. He looked at it despairingly, for it was just as covered in mud as the sonic screwdriver. He sighed, “I’ll never get this clean.”

“Trust me, don’t try licking it,” the Doctor advised him, still looking at the sonic with a air of distrust.

Rose laughed again, then realized that her phone was probably in the same predicament. Not really wanting to know, she didn’t pull it out to check.

“I wasn’t really planning on it, Doc,” Jack replied with a grin.

The utter normalcy of their post-adventure conversation and return to the TARDIS was shattered as several humanoid aliens transmatted into existence around them. Jack cursed himself for being caught off guard, his blaster in full view but not pointed in a useful direction.

“Surrender quietly, and we won’t shoot you,” the leader of the newcomers said simply.

“Straightforward and to the point. I like that in a potential captor. Don’t you think, Jack?” the Doctor babbled amiably, hands in the air, the muddy sonic screwdriver still held in one of them.

“Oh, definitely,” Jack replied sourly, relinquishing his blaster reluctantly as one of the aliens beckoned for it.

Their captors efficiently relieved them of anything they considered to be a threatening device, leaving them sans blaster and screwdriver. They didn’t perform an overly thorough search, merely a quick pat down. They apparently didn’t think Rose’s phone was dangerous, because even though they found it, they left it in her pocket.

Despite the efforts of all three of them to find out who their assailants were though their usual methods of quick banter, they found themselves unceremoniously transmatted away.

They rematerialized in a corridor in what was obviously the brig on a spaceship, and were just as unceremoniously pushed into one of the bare cells that lined both walls.

“Isn’t anyone going to tell us, perhaps, why you’ve brought us here?” the Doctor asked, beginning to lose his patience.

“Yes,” the same one who’d spoken down in the swamp answered him, but refused to elaborate.

They were left there, with not even a token guard for them to pester, none the wiser about what was going on. Jack and the Doctor inspected their cell, the smooth metal walls and sturdy metal bars giving up no clues or avenues of escape.

“So, who are these folks?” Rose asked when the others had seemed to give up on their search.

“No idea,” Jack answered her, taking a seat on the floor and leaning against the back wall of the cell.

“Does their tech remind anyone else of the bunch we just dealt with on the planet?” the Doctor asked them.

“Now that you mention it,” Jack agreed, “those were the same weapons.”

“Same people, then?” Rose guessed.

“No, I don’t think so,” the Doctor shook his head, pacing their cell. “They won’t be bothering anyone for a while. We saw to that quite thoroughly.”

The three of them shared a triumphant grin, remembering their recent success. Their mood was only slightly dampened by their current predicament, since this was still their typical standard operating procedure. Captured by mysterious aliens, tossed in a cell with no obvious means of escape, and absolutely no worries. They were together, they were all unharmed, this was just another adventure.

“Are they related somehow, then?” Rose asked, continuing their casual discussion of their current captors.

“They must be,” the Doctor replied. “A little bit of research in the TARDIS will tell us.”

“Wonder what they want,” Jack said.

“I’m sure we’ll find out,” Rose sighed, trying unsuccessfully to wipe some of the mud off of her skirt. “I just wish they’d bothered us after we’d had a chance to clean up a bit.”

The Doctor snorted in agreement, again making a face at the taste of the mud he could still detect in his mouth.

Jack chuckled at his expression, saying, “I told you, Doc, you should pick what you lick with a little more care…”

Definitely a typical adventure, Rose sighed to herself as she wiped ineffectually at the mud again and settled in to watch Jack attempt to continue his game of Fluster-the-Doctor. Something would happen sooner or later, she was sure, and the TARDIS crew would deal with the situation with their usual style.

The possibility that they might be in serious trouble this time never occurred to any of them.


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