Ah, Memories by Primsong

Summary: The Doctor recruits one of Jo's children for a companion, for the moment.
Rating: All Ages
Categories: Third Doctor, Tenth Doctor
Characters: Jo Grant, The Doctor (10th)
Genres: Drabble, General, Humor, Series
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: It will Come for your Children, Tales for Three
Published: 2010.03.17
Updated: 2010.03.18

Ah, Memories by Primsong
Chapter 1: I remember those days
Author's Notes: After all, nostalgia for youthful adventures only goes so far.

Ah, Memories

“Are you sure, Mum?” the petite young woman asked, considering the grinning tall man beside his blue box.

“Of course! Go on,” Jo said, “Just don’t stray too far from the TARDIS. And don’t let anyone hypnotize you. If a man says he’s the Master, run. Oh, and watch out for strange plants, they can be quite nasty, especially fungus. Stay away from…um, just about anything alien, really, some are quite… and… you know, on the other hand, no! No, stop! You’re grounded!”

“But Jo!” the Doctor protested.

“Sorry, Doctor, but it’s all coming back to me now. Shoo!”


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