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Blondes, Divorce and the Psychology of Time Lords by HonorH [Reviews - 19]
In her worse moments, Martha Jones hates Rose Tyler a little. In her better ones, she hates herself for being so petty. Spoilers for "Utopia".
Tenth Doctor - All Ages - General - Angst, General
Characters: Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, The Doctor (10th)
Series: None
Published: 2007.06.18 - Updated: 2007.06.18 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 1037

Blood by heather_rawriee [Reviews - 9]
Death is taking a bad effect on Owen.
Torchwood - All Ages - None - Angst, General, Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato
Series: None
Published: 2009.03.16 - Updated: 2009.03.16 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 1048

Blood by lifeinblue [Reviews - 2]
If he had believed for a second that vampires were real, he never would have brought Donna here.
Tenth Doctor - Teen - None - Action/Adventure, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Series
Characters: Donna Noble
Series: Stuff of Legends
Published: 2012.05.23 - Updated: 2012.07.20 - Chapters: 7 - Completed: No - Word Count: 8663

Blood by Seiya234 [Reviews - 2]
Damn, Ace thought blearily, who thought taking a knife for someone would hurt so bad?
Seventh Doctor - All Ages - Swearing - Action/Adventure, General
Characters: Ace McShane, The Doctor (7th)
Series: Daughter
Published: 2013.10.06 - Updated: 2013.10.06 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 503

Blood by Alexannah [Reviews - 2]
“Open your eyes, Theta! You’re not like the rest of us. We learn, you explore. We observe, you experiment. You willingly walk right into unknown dangers just to find out what’s there! Where do you think those traits come from?”
First Doctor, Eighth Doctor - Teen - None - Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama
Characters: The Doctor (1st), The Time Lords, The Doctor (8th)
Series: Time Locked
Published: 2014.02.10 - Updated: 2014.02.10 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 1143

Blood and Anger and Revenge by thirty2flavors [Reviews - 37]
Years after settling in on Pete's World, the Doctor must face something he thought he could escape -- Rose's death.
Tenth Doctor - Teen - None - Angst, Drama
Characters: Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (Duplicate 10th)
Series: None
Published: 2009.09.13 - Updated: 2009.09.24 - Chapters: 6 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 31025

Blood And Anger And Revenge. And Consequences! by grigor [Reviews - 58]
One day, he will have to face his anger. And make a decision!
Tenth Doctor - Adult - Explicit Violence - Angst, Character Study, Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (Duplicate 10th), Torchwood
Series: None
Published: 2010.03.27 - Updated: 2010.06.03 - Chapters: 12 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 7594

Blood and Lust by Tegan1980 [Reviews - 2]
After Adric's demise, the Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa want a holiday. So they arrive at the planet Porlasis 3 and get a cabin for the weekend in the mountainous region. Soon after they settle in the cabin, gruesome things start taking place and it's up to the Doctor to stop it before it kills him and his companions.
Fifth Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence - Alternate Universe, Drama, Het, Romance
Characters: Nyssa, Tegan Jovanka, The Doctor (5th)
Series: Misadventures Abound!
Published: 2010.01.08 - Updated: 2010.02.07 - Chapters: 10 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 14834

Blood and Secrets by jadekirk [Reviews - 4]
Midsomer Murders/Torchwood crossover. Barnaby and his helpers (yes, I couldn't decide between the three of them so I used them all) meet Jack and discover his secret. One of Barnaby's companions reveals his connection to one of the Torchwood team.
Torchwood - All Ages - None - Crossover, Vignette
Characters: Jack Harkness, Other Character(s)
Series: Murder and Mayhem
Published: 2008.05.24 - Updated: 2008.05.24 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 340

Blood Countess by Joseph Q Publique [Reviews - 4]
Welcome to the castle. You'll never leave. (DW100, 'Hearts' challenge)
Other Doctors - All Ages - None - Drabble, General
Characters: The Doctor (Unspecified)
Series: None
Published: 2005.02.19 - Updated: 2005.02.19 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 102

Blood From A Very Tall Stone by nostalgia [Reviews - 11]
So, like, Romana and Duggan clearly liked each other in 'City Of Death'. This is the post-ep fic about how the Doctor was like really jealous or something. Can the epic timelove be saved? Will K-9 survive? What happens to the cups of tea that vanish early on in the story?
Fourth Doctor - Teen - None - Het, Humor
Characters: Romana II, The Doctor (4th)
Series: None
Published: 2008.05.28 - Updated: 2008.05.28 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 1416

Blood Magick by Brambleshadow [Reviews - 1]
A thin slice formed in the palm of his hand; orange-red blood welled up instantly. The Doctor held his hand over the bowl, watched as blood dripped onto the concoction within. [Dark Doctor]
Tenth Doctor - All Ages - None - Character Study
Characters: The Doctor (10th)
Series: The Time Lord Victorious
Published: 2016.02.05 - Updated: 2016.02.06 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: No - Word Count: 189

Blood Of The Imani by Denstort [Reviews - 44]
Is blood thicker than love?
Tenth Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Swearing - Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Horror, Hurt/Comfort, Slash
Characters: Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Other Character(s), The Doctor (10th), Torchwood
Series: The Imani Imperative
Published: 2008.11.26 - Updated: 2009.01.31 - Chapters: 33 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 41539

Blood on his Hands by wmr [Reviews - 9]
Blood on his hands. Hers. Gallifrey’s. Everyone’s. Death is everywhere, and he is at its centre. Post-Dalek.
Ninth Doctor - Teen - None - Introspection
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (9th)
Series: Blood on his Hands series
Published: 2006.03.02 - Updated: 2006.03.02 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 1034

Blood on the Air by RoseByAnyOtherName [Reviews - 2]
On a bad day, the smell of a copper coin warm out of his pocket is all it takes to bring him back there.
Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor - All Ages - None - Angst, Character Study
Characters: Amy Pond, Donna Noble, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (11th)
Series: None
Published: 2014.01.20 - Updated: 2014.01.20 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 509

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