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Danna Hobart2007.09.01 - 09:55PM22: Chapter 22Signed
I would have thought the gentlemanly thing to do would have been for Greg to take off his shirt and offer it to Violet.

Author's Response: give her his shirt, shag her... its such a fine line ;)

Danna Hobart2007.09.01 - 07:24PM22: Chapter 22Signed
I would have thought the gentlemanly thing to do would have been for Greg to take off his shirt and offer it to Violet.

Author's Response: shag her, offer his shirt... whatever ;)

Danna Hobart2007.09.01 - 01:11AM17: Chapter 17Signed
When the Doctor was trying to sort out why Violet chased boys, it made me think of the story Araby by James Joyce, in which the nameless protagonist is led on by an older girl. My class determined that he was simply "batting practice" to her as she learned what her feminine wiles could do.

Author's Response: Good ol\' james joyce. tons of parental issues there lol

Danna Hobart2007.08.30 - 08:31PM10: Chapter 10Signed
The story is still good, but I think you lost the Doctor somewhere. He should know that the Jack on the ship was not the evil one, but his friend. He is always clever at figuring things out, and he is never fooled for very long. I know he is very emotionally distracted at this point, and maybe he does figure it out because obviously, I haven't read it all yet, but the single thing that makes the doctor The Doctor is his cleverness, at least for me.

Author's Response: Well, Jack wasn\'t helping :) Sorry that seemed to pull you out of the story tho.

Danna Hobart2007.08.30 - 12:52AM1: Chapter 1Signed
You were a bit harsh on number 9 in this chapter. I liked Eccleston's Dr. :)

Author's Response: oh i love nine :) but i can\'t imagine he\'d be kind (at that point in his life) to someone he saw as a ghost, nor do I think someone he was that mean to would be kind back to him :)

rea_p2007.03.04 - 06:43PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Wait? what? Jack... was in the Park? What? so confused. Oh, well, I'll just keep reading the amazing story which has me up much past my bedtime.

Author's Response: all will be revealed, grasshopper ;) I take it as a complement that i kept you from sleep, so thanks. But sorry you missed sleep :)

WindSparrow2007.02.25 - 02:16PM12: Chapter 12Signed
Still loving this story! Looking forward to more, and hoping you feel up to posting it soon.

Author's Response: just sent some more of In Season off to the beta :)

MichAre1a2007.01.28 - 02:09AM24: EpilogueSigned
Fantastic! It took me about a week to read but it was definitely worth it!! I really loved every second of it!!! ;-D

Author's Response: Thanks so very much :) glad you enjoyed!

Str4yk1tt3n2007.01.25 - 12:07PM24: EpilogueSigned
I just wanted to reiterate how much I loved your series--it was epic to say the least. Beautiful. I was sad to see it end, but I loved your ending. I liked Violet calling Jack a pirate when he kissed her mum.
I also really liked the line about 'someone letting the magic smoke out of Uncle Jack'. It was so charming, and funny and sad and so very Jack.

Wonderful story. I was checking daily, sometimes hourly, for updates. I'll miss having it around. I am sure I am not alone in my hope to see more from you in the future. You are a fantastic writer.

Thank you for your story.

Author's Response: aww :) Thanks very much. I\'ve got a couple things in the works. Unfortunately I\'m about to start an internship, so who know what that\'ll do to ye olde productivity. I could be so stressed that I write every minute I\'m not at work or at school, or I could be so stressed that I just curl into a ball and wimper till its time to go back to the salt mines ;) And I know what I said... but I\'m SO weak. Not the last we\'ve heard from Violet and co. I haveta admit, it was only six pages, but I fell in love with those little kids ;)

Membio2007.01.24 - 09:39AM1: Chapter 1Signed
I'm sorry I've not had time to read this and review as you posted it. I have printed it out (yes all 164 pages) for airplane reading and will have to give you reviews when I get back-- I know it will be a great story- you are a wonderful writer.

Author's Response: It\'s 164 pages!? Dude, I\'m impressed with myself ;) I think I put out like four or six chapters yesterday. You\'d have had to have been conjoined with the computer all day if you were to read it all LOL. Feel free to let me know how you feel when you get back from your trip, and have fun :)

wildcard2007.01.24 - 07:31AM24: EpilogueSigned
This was one of the best reads I have had in a while. It was fun meeting Violet and getting to see how she survived living with the Doctor and finding trouble.

Your characters and descriptions throughout the telling made me feel very much part of the story.

This was one huge roller coaster of a ride and one I particularly enjoyed.

They got their happy ending too and looks like the Doctor is living life to the full and got a real family now. I loved this series of stories and hope you write more about Violet and her siblings in future.

Bravo and wish you well with writing. Well done - Magnificent Ride!

Author's Response: Thanks very much :) thanks for sticking with and leaving so much FB. I intended to be done-done after this one, but, well... I\'m weak LOL. The Doctor\'s just, y\'know, following the biological imperative to repopulate the speciec ;)

wildcard2007.01.24 - 07:12AM23: Chapter 23Signed

Wonderful chapter . love, Angst, more tender moments, humour and a couple of twists I hadn’t expected. I maybe should take the Doctor’s advice and Expect the unexpected.

“Very rude to be rude” I love that quote from the Doctor but isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black LOL We know where she’s getting that from!

I adored Greg’s character and glad he’s staying with Violet. Oh she’s one sneaky time lady manipulating her Gran to go fetch Pizza and shove the Doctors TARDIS back to it’s correct universe with her Mum still aboard.

Really enjoyed reading this – thank you!

Author's Response: Sometimes you just haveta do \"that\" thing thats really annoying but best for everyone involved, ultimately. Glad you enjoyed.

jessdoctorwho212007.01.24 - 03:40AM24: EpilogueSigned
fantastic,bravo and they all got their happy ending!
well done.

Author's Response: Thanks very much :) And thanks for sticking with me.

entilzha2007.01.24 - 01:10AM23: Chapter 23Signed
Blimey, I wasn't ready for THAT twist. Greg's gonna go mental! Nicely done, though. Of course, that means the Doctor has to make a new sonic screwdriver but he'll manage. Oh, btw, it's spelled dour, not dower. At least I think that's what you meant. I loved the way you built up Greg and Violet's characters. It's something I'm crap at and you handled it like a master.

Author's Response: i\'m a writer, not a speller. Or so I keep telling my husband. Yeah, she took the Doctor\'s binky away ;) he\'ll never get to sleep without it now. Thanks for the kind words regarding the original characters. You never know how those\'re gunna fly.

entilzha2007.01.23 - 05:52PM22: Chapter 22Signed
Nicely done, although I hope you're going to explain what the thing from the Void was and why it thought it could fil something that has no definable edges. Oh, and I SINCERELY hope Rose and the Doctor will get some down time to match what their daughter's up to. After all, barring that one drunken night they've not actually had that kind of personal time and he seems more than prepared to go for it (at last!)

Author's Response: Moo ha ha, moo ha ha. You\'ll haveta wait till the epilogue for that ;)

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