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Reviews For Fade to Black

mystermix2008.04.29 - 08:24AM6: Chapter 6Signed
Drink your water, Violet? Any time Torchwood and liquids are involved, I am immediately suspicious.

Author's Response: LOL. Suspicious? I can\'t imagine why :)

wildcard2007.01.17 - 01:14PM10: Chapter 10Signed
This was just wonderful. The action was good and the ending was sweet. Can't wait for more - great job.

Author's Response: More is within your reach ;)

wildcard2007.01.17 - 01:02PM9: Chapter 9Signed
Oh the tension is rising - will Rose get free to punch the guys' lights out? Sure do hope so. Another good chapter - thanks.

Author's Response: Glad you liked the chapter :)

wildcard2007.01.17 - 12:52PM8: Chapter 8Signed
Really enjoying reading this story. Oh not too sure about he torture stuff - hope the Doc andRose get rescued real soon.

Author's Response: Working on rescuing ;)

Str4yk1tt3n2007.01.17 - 12:13AM10: Chapter 10Signed
I'm so excited to see what happens! I look eagerly forward to the next installment!

And for the record--my golly you write like a bandit! You were busting out with new chapters before I'd even finished reading the previous ones! And well written ones as well! Not just thrown together crud!
Good on you!

Author's Response: LOL I will confess that I do have this story finished already ;) So I\'m not THAT fast. Usually I put out a chapter a day/every other day.

MichAre1a2007.01.16 - 11:48PM10: Chapter 10Signed
Gahhh!!! That was fantastic!!! I absolutely can not wait for more!!! *dies*

Author's Response: well dont die. if you die, you can\'t read more. I dont think they have intarweb access in the afterlife :) And I just posted the first part of the next fic ;)

Str4yk1tt3n2007.01.16 - 08:10PM8: Chapter 8Signed
And did I mention that I'm loving it? I'm so anxious to see what happens next! I can't wait until Jack finds out who Violet's mommy is! You write the already existing characters fabulously, and the ones that you created on your own are beautiful. Violet is such a wonderful little genius girl. I adore her.

Author's Response: Thanks very much *blush*

wonderfulchild2007.01.16 - 07:46PM8: Chapter 8Signed
I've been following this series for the last two weeks and everytime I see an update, I drop everything to read it. I love how you've built this all up. I think your characterizations of Rose and the Doctor are spot on. And I like Violet quite a bit too. I'm deeply amused to see Jack and Vi getting into trouble together. Can't wait to find see Jack's reaction when he finds out who her mum is.

Author's Response: Its coming ;)

Kat_Verde2007.01.16 - 07:31PM8: Chapter 8Signed
Oh my god I love this story and this chapter so so much! The line about The Doctor's reaction to Barcelona Springs water! I about died laughing! I'm so in to this series that I just grin whenever I see you update. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: hey, glad you are enjoying :) More soon, promise!

wildcard2007.01.16 - 05:27PM7: Chapter 7Signed
Oh you left us hanging on a cliffy - update soon.

Author's Response: Hehe I try ;) Another one in an hr or so maybe :)

wildcard2007.01.16 - 04:13PM6: Chapter 6Signed
Things seem to be happening all of a sudden. It's getting exciting. Thanks again for anotehr good chapter.

Author's Response: I try ;) You\'d love me less if it moved slower, trust me ;)

wildcard2007.01.16 - 04:03PM5: Chapter 5Signed
LOL Think Violet is jeprody friendly just like her mother - Liked the scenes with Violet and Gwenn

Author's Response: genetic predisposition to trouble. She\'s got the combined trouble genes of two people very capable of getting into trouble lol

wildcard2007.01.16 - 03:51PM4: Chapter 4Signed
Ah Jack to the rescue looking forward to next part.

Author's Response: Its who Jack is. It\'s what he does ;)

wildcard2007.01.16 - 03:43PM3: Chapter 3Signed
More Jack... this is coming along just nicely - ta!

Author's Response: glad you\'re enjoying ;) Trust me, you\'re gunna have so much jack you wont know what to do with yourself before this is all over ;)

wildcard2007.01.16 - 03:31PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Yes, pleased Jack is in on the action. Don't think Vi will let him off easy LOL. Another nice chapter - thanks.

Author's Response: Jack\'s perminant position is in the action

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