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MrsDalek2011.09.17 - 11:28PM4: Chapter 4Signed
Loved the story! BTW, the Ninth Doctor ahs a Northern accent, not a British, thats the Tenth, with the Brititsh accent :D
I loved the nerdgasm line! So totally something Jack would say :D
Loved the story!

Author's Response: Well, I figured since Jack is American, all British accents sound the same to him. He\'s not going to care whether Nine sounds like he\'s from the northern part of England. Glad you enjoyed other than that though :)

Janna Silver Hawkins2009.05.26 - 09:06PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Great story! Two of my fave fandoms. Loved the hinted Jack/Sam bits in there and really loved that Sam was the one to suggest Nine go back for Rose :)

Author's Response: Thanks :)

ShadowedHand2009.02.10 - 04:27PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Not bad. Not bad at all. Quite amusing, really. Hee hee. :D

Author's Response: thanks :)

ShadowedHand2009.02.10 - 04:26PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Not bad. Not bad at all. Quite amusing, really. Hee hee. :D

Author's Response: :)

Faile Neume2008.09.19 - 09:33AM5: Chapter 5Signed

(too tired to say more than that. sorry)

Author's Response: Why thank you :)

teikachikata2008.04.29 - 12:42PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Woohoo. I love it. My favorite shows rolled into one story. Thanks so much. Thinking about doing any more? I'd love to see them.

Author's Response: I started a followup, but never finished it. It got too maudlin :)

Brona2007.10.07 - 06:08PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I dont need Rose Tyler. Im just fine on my own, see?
sorry, I had to get that out.
Excellent story by the way.

Author's Response: aww thanks! glad you enjoyed!

dugleik2007.09.17 - 03:13AM5: Chapter 5Signed
I like it

Author's Response: cool:)

Unseen Watcher2007.08.08 - 03:16AM5: Chapter 5Signed
Great! I especially love all the comments about the Doctor compared to the Snakes. Here's to hoping the Air Force is smarter than Torchwood. Not that a lot of things aren't already....^_^

Author's Response: torchwood isn\'t dumb, they\'re... ok, you\'re right LOL. Glad you enjoyed! Always great to get reviews on older fics.

Fears Companion2007.01.25 - 01:23AM5: Chapter 5Signed
WooHoo! Somebody who loves SG-1! Awsome job keeping everyone in character!

I've been considering a DW/SG1 Xover, but with one of the SG-1 characters being an incarnation of the Doctor, who is semi-stranded on Earth. What do you think?

Author's Response: hey thanks :) glad you enjoyed it. SG1 is high on my love list. It could work, depends on how it\'s pulled off :)

MichAre1a2007.01.14 - 01:38AM5: Chapter 5Signed
That was fantabulous! I really enjoyed it, and I especially liked the cross over with SG1 :-)

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it :)

LilacFree2007.01.13 - 11:34AM3: Chapter 3Signed
The chemistry with Jack and the Doctor is entirely too entertaining. And it has to be Nine, too, it would be so different with any other Doctor.

Author's Response: One would be lecturing the lot, three would have better toys, four would confuzzle them with nonsequetor, five would be checking out jack\'s guns, seven would be trying to mentor sam and ten would be getting into a pissing match with tealc over who\'s the bestest alien ;)

MichAre1a2007.01.13 - 03:49AM4: Chapter 4Signed
EEee! Really enjoying this! I also love how Carter is where he gets the idea to go back and ask Rose to join him a second time.. it's wonderful :-D

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed :)

Yusagi2007.01.13 - 02:05AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Just went by and saw a couple words in passing that looks suspiciously like Nirrti and experimenting...X3 Didn't know you hadn't uploaded it here yet XP

Author's Response: Well, now you know. And knowing\'s half the battle. Yo Joe ;)

phyrry2007.01.12 - 11:48PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Just wanted to let you know that I love your writing. When I saw that you'd started a crossover I was a bit leery but your characterization is spot on (both with 9 and the SG-1 team) and I'm definitely looking forward to the rest!

PS. Your frequent updates are very much appreciated!

Author's Response: i try ;) Thanks. glad you enjoyed. I know what you mean about being leery. I\'ve read some that\'ve gone awry :)

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