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Reviews For The Jacket

Unseen Watcher2008.03.02 - 11:56PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Incredibly complicated, but his introspection is also incredibly rare. Impressive.

Author's Response: Thanks very much!

rutsky2007.01.29 - 10:24PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This is just so damned well put together! Others have mentioned how well you seem to have captured 10, and I like that. The dominant feeling is one of rueful, heartbroken, good humor - and *that* takes talent. Also, I loved this: "So that was her jacket–vanilla, soap, dryer sheets, sweat and hair oil. That was Rose Tyler to him. " and this: "(though he did admire that one kid’s monumental number of face piercings–that’s dedication)". But perhaps what I liked best was the way you penciled in some very intriguing gaps in the Ten-Rose-Reinette triangle. I think you hit the nail on the head with your speculation. Truly good!

Author's Response: Thanks very much :) I just don\'t think the Reinette thing was as emo as everybody makes it out to be.

I Am Bad Wolf2007.01.12 - 02:57AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Blimey, you captured the Tenth Doctor brilliantly! True to Ten, and lovely introspection. Sad, happy, and at times even funny. Loved the rambling and the 'words that shall not be said again' bits. There was angst, but you made it lighter, and I wasn't left feeling down. It really FELT like Ten. :D *adds to favourites*

Author's Response: aww thanks for the add :) gladyou enjoyed it

rea_p2007.01.08 - 05:36PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Brilliant. It's got so much of 10's rambly babbly voice in it, and the wonderful non-sequential way the Doctors (all of them) work. I particularly like the fact that you added in the "words which shall not be said again", and added emo to the list. *glee!*

Author's Response: He is an emo doctor tho LOL. Acknowledging it is the first step tho ;) Glad you enjoyed it!

amaranthaseven2007.01.07 - 02:53PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I _loved_ seeing the Doctor being mercilessly interospective. It's kind of reassuring that he realizes here that he's done some real damage to people like Jack, Reinette and Rose, perhaps not with malice, but by his actions nevertheless. I love the very Doctor-ish quirkiness of his inner voice- it keep a nice balance with the deep thoughts. It's great to know even a 900-plus being realizes there is a lot of room for personal improvement! Great piece!

Author's Response: Thanks very much. I think that while he is emotionally retarded that he\'s not a complete idiot :) he is CAPABLE of introspection, but, really, who wants to go through all of that mess?

Zen Clarke2007.01.07 - 12:32PM1: Chapter 1Anonymous
(though he did admire that one kid’s monumental number of face piercings–that’s dedication).

LOL! Funny with all the words he'd never say again, and very serious at the same time. Very good...gooder-est even! LOL!

Author's Response: Thanks very much :) Tried to get some funny in there, because really... a little angst goes a long way.

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