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Reviews For Greenhouse Effect

mystermix2008.04.29 - 02:16AM2: Chapter 2Signed
That last paragraph, there? Absolutely and utterly hilarious. It's well-written enough to paint a very vivid picture, and it made me laugh.
(I've liked the series so far, too. Not usually fond of OCs, but I like Violet. She's a very believable character.)

Author's Response: thanks!!!! i do appreciate it!

LillyNyte2008.03.04 - 04:09PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This story was fantastic. I loved the tree people and the bit with Violet finally meeting a "fairy" was inspired. I have been especially enjoying this series and look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: thanks :) Glad you enjoyed!

Danna Hobart2007.08.27 - 10:10AM3: Chapter 3Signed
I just wanted to tell you that I think you are brilliant, and I would love to see this series made into television episodes. Have you thought about turning them into spec scripts and submitting them?

Author's Response: Naw. they\'re just fanfic for fun :) I\'m glad you enjoy them so much that you would want to seem them on tv tho!

wildcard2007.01.12 - 06:57AM8: Chapter 8Signed
This was a bitter sweet ending but suppose that's to be expected when teh Doctors around. I really liked the plant like creatures you created and found the whole thing very believable . Well done on creating another great story. I love this series even though Violet is a little girl she acts so much older and wiser and she's funny too.

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed and thanks:)

wildcard2007.01.12 - 05:52AM7: Chapter 7Signed
Wonderful chapter, full of a little angst for Violet, I do like how her mind works and how she wonders off too. Oooh you mentioned the Giant dandelions looking like clowns - shiver - argh, I hate clowns - I understand Violets revulsion and fear.

Author's Response: clowns are never funny ;)

MichAre1a2007.01.07 - 09:38PM8: Chapter 8Signed
*Claps* I really enjoyed it! Wonderfully written! :-)

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed :) thanks very much.

wildcard2007.01.07 - 07:05AM6: Chapter 6Signed
Oh No poor Violet getting a fungus infection - sounds disgusting. LOL lets hope the Doctor can help ehr get better.

Author's Response: Dont worry, it gets grosser ;) Oh wait, that wasn\'t very reassuring.

MichAre1a2007.01.07 - 05:00AM6: Chapter 6Signed
Again, wonderful and I can't wait for more! :-)

Author's Response: hehe. then I\'ll just have to oblige with more ;)

wildcard2007.01.06 - 11:25AM5: Chapter 5Signed
This is great and I like how Violet has grown some and is proving to being an asset .

Author's Response: Unlike some of the doctor\'s previous companions LOL. Glad you\'re enjoying :)

MichAre1a2007.01.06 - 02:55AM4: Chapter 4Signed
Wonderful new story, very compelling! I can't wait for more!! :-)

Author's Response: glad you\'re enjoying so far... hopefully not too long for more!

sensiblecat2007.01.05 - 12:54PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Great fun! You've clearly put a lot of time and effort (when you should have been doing other things, if you are like me) into creating a rich and detailed alien world. Your characters are spot on - the Doctor, in particular, is a delight, with his usual propensity for getting into trouble. Eagerly awaiting more.

Author's Response: It\'d be less fun if he wasn\'t in trouble all the time ;) Glad you\'re enjoying so far. Yeah, work full time, grad school... you know the usual. But the thing is... fic\'s way more fun than homework. I think there\'s a rule ;)

sensiblecat2007.01.05 - 12:44PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I don't get over here much, so I'm just discovering what a versatile writer you are. I laughed out loud several times at this, particularly your jiggery-pokery on the TARDIS.

Where did he pick Violet up? I love Doctor does Daddy stories!

Author's Response: aww *blush* thanks. This is part of a series. If ya back up to \"Doors\" and \"Devourer of Souls\" you\'ll see how he... uh, aquired her ;)

Queen of Years2007.01.03 - 07:16PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Absolutely brilliant! I can see it all taking place - especially the stuff in the Tardis in chapter 1. Update soon! ;)

Author's Response: hey, glad you enjoyed! I try :) More soon, maybe tonight, I promise :)

jessdoctorwho212007.01.03 - 01:44PM1: Chapter 1Signed
yet another brilliant fic from you!!!

Author's Response: *blush* I try :) Thanks so much.

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