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AloneAndFree_CreatingMyself2014.06.06 - 03:11PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Personally, she liked to steal it out of the Doctor’s coat, hide under the bed and watch the ponies dance across the little page.

I cracked up SO HARD, and I don't even know why. I just find that sentence to be extremely funny.

Brooklynnbob2009.10.23 - 06:09PM12: Chapter 12Signed
I've read this whole thing through once or twice before. I really hope you keep on with it, you haven't updated in a while, but then you and jigglykat did make us wait a year for another installment of Torchwood Babiez.

Beyond my subtle hinting that I really love this and hope you're still working on the series as a whole, I wanted to say I live in Oregon, about an hour from a Trolly Park in Portland. It's called Oaks (Amusement) Park, nobody ever says the Amusement part though, and I haven't been there in ages, at least twelve years, but I so need to go soon. If you ever go to Oregon, I highly recommend it, there is something like a Ferris Wheel, only not, it flips you upside down and is utterly fantastic. Or at least it was when I was nine.

Author's Response: I hope it\'s not another year too! If I\'m ever in Oregon, I\'ll look it up. I love old amusement parks :)

Lomeinie2007.08.09 - 12:33AM12: Chapter 12Signed
The Doctor didn’t know how long she’d be in his life. More than a moment, he should think; she’d managed that already. But he knew it wouldn’t be a lifetime, neither a human nor Time Lord lifetime.

I can't help but wonder what this means exactly - and why does it make me so sad?

He wouldn’t have her forever. He only hoped he could prepare her for that day, and wondered what he’d do with himself when she left.

This really makes me sad and the thought breaks my heart for the Doctor AND Violet both!

This story was as fantastic as the previous installments of this series and I am hurrying to read the next story. I think I'm hooked!

Author's Response: glad you\'re enjoying, and hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the series!! the doctor and violet have a bit of a... sad future. it gets better tho, promise :)

Str4yk1tt3n2007.01.14 - 06:52PM12: Chapter 12Signed
Fantastic, as always. You not only write well, but manage to get truly engaging and exciting plots in there at the same time! Good on you!
I also really enjoyed a lot of the partial revelations this chapter, and the experience that Violet had with Ellen.

Author's Response: *blush* and thanks. Glad you enjoyed it so much :)

MichAre1a2007.01.03 - 03:40AM12: Chapter 12Signed
Very good story, and thanks for the word of advice at the end there, now I'll know what to do when zombies attach, hehe :-)

Author's Response: Its just one of the many services I provide ;)

MichAre1a2007.01.02 - 02:53AM11: Chapter 11Signed
Woo, first review of ch. 11! Wonderful! I can't wait to see how it ends! :-)

Author's Response: Horray for first reviews :) Yup, almost done!

Membio2007.01.01 - 12:07PM10: Chapter 10Signed
Another rollicking good chapter. At least they found the TARDIS, now we have to hope she is not burnt out from this mistreatment!

Author's Response: THose old type 40\'s take a lickin\' but keep on tickin ;)

mylexie2007.01.01 - 07:25AM4: Chapter 4Signed
Is it just me, or was Violet written to be Jackie and Pete's child in the earlier stories? *confused*

Author's Response: nope. was intentionally meant to be ambiguous in the first two stories.

MichAre1a2007.01.01 - 01:44AM9: Chapter 9Signed
Enjoying this greatly, can't wait to see more! :-)

Author's Response: Will haveta oblige in short order then :)

genie863332006.12.31 - 05:11PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Ack! What a cliffhanger. Great story so far!

Author's Response: glad you\'re enjoying and thanks!

Membio2006.12.31 - 01:56PM9: Chapter 9Signed
Never trust the guy you've been strangling to be reasonable. I hope Violet is quick about turning off the fueling.

Author's Response: Having too much faith in people may be one of the Doctor\'s flaws

RandomQuests2006.12.31 - 12:53PM1: Chapter 1Signed
chi chi malone!!!!!!!

Author's Response: LOL What about Chichi rivera?

Membio2006.12.31 - 10:46AM8: Chapter 8Signed
From the fry pan and into the fire? The Doctor does find trouble... I suppose vomiting is a valid form of distraction if one is out of words... hee hee.

Author's Response: Vomiting on command is a respected artform in some societies.

Membio2006.12.31 - 10:31AM7: Chapter 7Signed
It's so sweet that in the middle of it all Violet makes a friend! She might be starting to realise she is just not human... I mean feeling the earth turn and the plates of continents move....

Author's Response: She also believes in the tooth fairy tho, so it might not be fair to assume that she can make that intellectual leap ;)

Membio2006.12.31 - 10:22AM6: Chapter 6Signed
Noooo! Not her! Not missing! That's why they were held up for three hours. Nice description of the roller coaster. I grew up near the Santa Cruz Giant Dipper so I know.

Author's Response: The Doctor\'s always travelling with women that wander off. Even his ship can\'t be trusted to stay put ;)

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