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Reviews For Sunshine People

Faile Neume2008.09.19 - 11:58AM8: Chapter 8Signed
I love Violet, she just seems to match the Doctor so well. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Fortunately, there happens to BE more :)

Lomeinie2007.08.08 - 03:45PM8: Chapter 8Signed
LOL, oh this story was FANTASTIC! Oh gosh the Doctor has his hands full with Violet because she seems a lot like him with just enough of her mother (and Jackie too) mixed in to make things really really REALLY fun!

I am really loving this series - great job!

Author's Response: aww thanks very much :) glad you\'re enjoying :)

Raevyn2007.05.15 - 06:38PM8: Chapter 8Signed
*laughs* This was a great story. Suspenseful and funny. Violet is quickly becoming my favourite Doctor/Rose offspring.

Author's Response: LOL because with all the baby!fic out there you\'d think they were mormon or something just with the shear number of offspring ;)

rutsky2007.02.21 - 11:19PM7: Chapter 7Signed
I do believe I am becoming quite addicted to your dab hand at dialogue. (As a parent, I quite enjoyed this: "It was only by chance he snagged her before SHE got a taste of the abuse gravity had been dealing him all day. They were kids, they bounced–but now wasn’t the time to experiment on just how high and far.") You also have created a suitably frightening setting for the story - I'm always glad when a writer tackles fear in the bright light, and you've done it very well!

Author's Response: aww *blush* thanks very much :) kids\'re durable, but for some reason, they call child protective services if you start trying to find out just how durable they are ;)

rutsky2007.01.27 - 12:06PM6: Chapter 6Signed
How very elegant for you to bring the Daleks into this, in this particular way! It felt so right.

I have also been enjoying Violet's thought processes, especially after I realized that her apparent sophistication isn't unrealistic for a seven-year-old. Rather, it's extremely realistic for a multiply-gifted part-Gallifreyan child.

I note that your writing had become smoother by this point, and quite lovely:
"All planets had souls, even those that were made out of steel and plastic. Those planets developed a will to survive past whatever their inhabitants put them through. The cries in his mind at the moment of the destruction of the Time Lords were only surpassed by the moaning, mournful howl of Gallifrey itself as it disintegrated into a special kind of nothingness: never is, was, or would be." Especially the mournful howl of Gallifrey! Off to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks very much :)

Emily_Rose2007.01.08 - 10:32PM1: Chapter 1Signed
im sorry i think ive missed something, even though i red your last stories. how did violet get on bored and weres Rose?

Author's Response: Did you check out Devourer of Souls? Last couple chapters of that explain it :)

Membio2006.12.28 - 05:03PM8: Chapter 8Signed
Nice of the TARDIS to rescue them-- shoulda thought of that one sooner I guess... well maybe they had to be near the surface for her to know what to do eh? Nice. Looking to read your others stories too.

Author's Response: I personally believe the tardish has it in for the doctor ;) Hope you enjoy my other stuff too :)

Membio2006.12.28 - 04:53PM7: Chapter 7Signed
Nice slide down throught it all there... what a ride. Very exciting and I love their banter... very good Doctorish dialog.

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed :)

Membio2006.12.28 - 04:41PM6: Chapter 6Signed
It always comes back the the Daleks either directly or indirectly making the Doctor's life a living hell... It does look like Violet will have some fun after all!

Author's Response: daleks are galactic cockroaches in that sense--impossible to kill and survive everything.

Membio2006.12.28 - 04:31PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Hee hee, spitting! Good girl! I can just see the Doctor's face as he wonders what the heck she is up to. I love his lesson plan for her... and lock picks are fun.

Author's Response: spitting\'s an underrated plan ;)

Membio2006.12.28 - 04:19PM4: Chapter 4Signed
Oohh! Neato you made some aliens... super keen. They are very interesting critters and can even pry a Dalek out of its can... very, very interesting. I liked Vi's thoughts about procrastination and such... very funny and good.

Author's Response: its good to have aliens around now and again ;)

Membio2006.12.28 - 03:52PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Ah, good job giving her a talking to about the creatures out there... not sure why he isnt give her some lessons in mind control and all that. OOps... hope he hasn't lost her for long.

Author's Response: well, he\'s still figuring out this whole \'being in charge\' thing.

Membio2006.12.28 - 03:42PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Oh dear the innocent child knows not what she plays with... He really should talk to her. He always loved teaching Rose new stuff... this should be even more of a challenge.

Author's Response: Kids never DO know what they\'re getting themselves into, do they?

Membio2006.12.28 - 03:41PM1: Chapter 1Signed
She's such a seven year old... the Doctor and Violet should get on like a house (with no windows) on fire. Another great read ahead of me I can tell.

Author's Response: Glad you\'re enjoying so far :) It\'s the mother\'s curse, you know ;)

jessdoctorwho212006.12.27 - 11:45AM8: Chapter 8Signed
great finish!!!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed :)

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