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darkraistlyn2010.01.20 - 07:37PM1: His Bowl Runneth OverSigned
I love it! Sooo funny!

Author's Response: Thanks so much :)

badidea2007.03.30 - 10:37AM1: His Bowl Runneth OverSigned
Like several others I was incredibly amused by the mascara-laden lashes of destruction and doom. Great work, will have to read more of your stuff.

Author's Response: thanks :) Come on, those eyelashes have to hold some sort of secret powers ;)

MichAre1a2007.01.07 - 10:33PM1: His Bowl Runneth OverSigned
Hehe, that was great! I kind of wish that they had actually started an epispde like that, lol :-)

Author's Response: The power of fanfic ;) Thanks!

Mousewolf2006.12.30 - 09:15AM1: His Bowl Runneth OverSigned
*Grins and giggles* Cute story. Although I forget why it doesn't sound like fanfiction, and something that actually happened...

Author's Response: hehe weird :)

Membio2006.12.29 - 11:56AM1: His Bowl Runneth OverSigned
I love the ponder: It was either the mascara or her eyelashes themselves–they held mysterious and evil powers.
And the very last one which I won't post here and spoil. Cute little story and very nice ninth Doctor... another big softie.

Author's Response: hehe yeah. there\'s a softy living deep within him.

Daydreamer2006.12.22 - 05:50PM1: His Bowl Runneth OverSigned
Your work is an absolute delight to read. I bow down to the amazing grace, agility and perfect timing of your work!

Author's Response: awwwww *blush* thank you :)

werewolf2006.12.19 - 11:29AM1: His Bowl Runneth OverSigned
Love it! very funny, perfectly describes The 9th Doctor too, well done.

Author's Response: Hehe. Glad you enjoyed and thanks :)

aisling2006.12.19 - 10:40AM1: His Bowl Runneth OverSigned
Absolutely love it... very cute, very adorable. I, too, enjoyed the comments about her eyelashes. Good job!

Author's Response: They are slightly evil ;) Thanks!

Paranoid Seat2006.12.19 - 04:58AM1: His Bowl Runneth OverSigned
*giggle* The Eyelashes of Rassilon! Love that. This is rather well written, and very funny.
Favourite line:
"just think about what I’d say, if I were to say something of that nature, and consider me to have said it, in your heart. Ponder it deeply and remember this day. The day I didn’t say what I was thinking."
Ah, retained dignity.

Author's Response: That Time Lord dignity sells on ebay for about the same cost as a bundle of used car washing rags. Glad you enjoyed :)

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