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Reviews For Devourer of Souls

Crystalzap2014.07.01 - 03:31AM12: Chapter 12Signed
this was really confusing, half the time I don't know if 'Violet' was Rose's daughter or sister...

Shtoops2012.12.20 - 08:04PM1: Chapter 1Signed
That was in fact quite brilliant. I dont say that lightly. But I truly find it comparable to my top favorite stories and might have to find a corner for it. In my favorite FF stories of all time.

Although I did notice some grammar mistakes as well as in one chapter you forgot to place a "THE" where there needed to be one everything else was 'ship-shape'.

As I have not yet read the other stories in this series and would prefer to have clarification on this now. Of course there is another thing but I suppose that is answered later, if the descriptions of the upcoming stories are any indicator. Anyawys, my question is after she absorbed part of the time vortex again here does Rose now half the ability to use "Bad Wolf" when she needs to or have any sort of non-human qualities? Im hopeful that she does get 'abilities' some point in this series but I'm not sure if it is yet.

Here's to super goddess Rose...

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life(Monty Python):

Author's Response: Wow. I haven\'t gotten a review on this fic in four years lol. This is very exciting. She absorbed enough of the bag wolf energy to help Violet, and she does end up not aging, but that is about it.

Faile Neume2008.09.19 - 11:09AM12: Chapter 12Signed

I now plan to read the rest of this series right now despite the fact its two in the morning. it's just THAT good

Author's Response: Hehe sorry for keeping you up late. Sort of.

Milieva2008.03.07 - 06:53PM12: Chapter 12Signed
I finally got around to starting this, and I will say that I am loving it. Though I will say that I feel sorry for Violet for her name being Violet.

And I think my favorite part had to be the food conversation at the end. I am not enitrely sure why.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed! I think she\'s sad her name is violet too :)

KerrAvonsen2008.01.07 - 12:16AM7: Chapter 7Signed
I love the menace, the evil, the way that it's been built up (and oh, the Time Lord nursery rhymes, yes!)

Unfortunately, the spelling and grammar mistakes are getting on my nerves. Enough to make me not want to finish. Which is a real pity, as the potential of this story was very good.

Author's Response: Sorry. Didn\'t have a beta at the time. It was one of those things... people see what they meant to type, not what they actually typed. If you don\'t wish to continue, no hard feelings.

dragonwho2007.11.05 - 01:59PM12: Chapter 12Signed
Just found this series, and am working my way through them, loving the ride so far.....

Author's Response: cool :) glad you\'re enjoying everything :)

candler2007.10.12 - 12:06AM1: Chapter 1Signed
I love this story. Rose's child is wonderfully written. I really really love the story. I'm reviewing this in the middle of the night on a web enabled cell phone. Thats how much I love this story : )

Author's Response: oh wow! that\'s a lot of love!!!! I feel honored :)

surrexi2007.10.06 - 01:00AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Oh. My. God. I think I almost died when I realised that Violet wan't Pete and Jackie's. And now I am off to find the next story in this series, because it is EXCELLENT.

Also. Was I wrong to be thinking of A Wrinkle In Time when you kept referring to the evil black thing as IT? Because if not, you are wonderful.

Author's Response: i haven\'t read that book in ages. since fifth grade. but now that you mention it... i guess it does kinda fit, doesn\'t it :)

Trindajae2007.10.01 - 09:24AM12: Chapter 12Signed
Beautifully done. I had been made it a point to steer clear of this whole subset of Post-DD stories, but I fell so wholeheartedly in love with Violet that I might have to rethink that policy.

Author's Response: aww glad you enjoyed it so much :) The \"reunionfic\" category is hit or miss, but for most of us it is a guilty pleasure ;)

Danna Hobart2007.08.23 - 06:22AM5: Chapter 5Signed
It's me, back again, reading another installment of the story. I did not realize that it was written back in 2006. I don't know if you are still making any revisions or not, but I had a thought.

I love everything about the story so far, but I was thinking that maybe you could digress at some point and have Rose admit, only to herself, of course, that while she hates what her little sister is going through, a part of her is enjoying the adventure. She must have gone through withdrawl immediately after being stranded in the other dimension. And maybe even have her think that these circumstances are making her feel closer to the Doctor, somehow.

Author's Response: I don\'t make revisions to fanfic unless it\'s glaring because I don\'t have time, usually, and it\'s fanfic. I write it for fun, so when it\'s done, it\'s done, mistakes and all. But thank you for your interest.

Danna Hobart2007.08.23 - 03:33AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Just finished chapter two and have to say that I am really impressed. I love the way you have handled Mickey and Jackie. You gave Mickey the respect he earned, which is something a lof of these fanfics don't do, I have noticed. And you captured Jackie's personality perfectly. I can't wait to see how this unfolds.

Author's Response: thanks :)

Raevyn2007.05.15 - 05:16PM12: Chapter 12Signed
Lovely story. :) Off to see if there's a sequel. :)

Author's Response: yup there be a whole series :) glad you enjoyed :)

eve112007.03.18 - 01:11PM12: Chapter 12Signed
what a great adventure. Fantastic, and scratched my itch for the Tenth Doctor like you wouldn't believe. You brought Violet to life and made her a character that we care about, which is not the easiest thing to do with her type. I loved the Doctor's reactions to Violet, and I really look forward to their further adventures! I also loved the conversation across worlds between the Doctor and Rose, too, it was so sad.

One nitpick: There were a lot of typos and grammar errors that tended to take one out of the moment; I only mention them because I think the plot and characters in this story are too good to let them stay. I do hope you come back to it to polish it up so it shines as much as it should

Author's Response: thanks very much, glad you enjoyed :) ...y\'know, i think it might be hopeless. That story actually had a second going-over before it was posted here. Hopefully they get less typo-y as time goes on, because I know what you mean. I feel the same way when I\'m reading fic :)

rutsky2007.01.16 - 01:30AM1: Chapter 1Signed
This one has me hooked. What you have written as coming from Violet's mouth is both evocative and chilling. I don't know if it's deliberate on your part, but it sounds as if Violet is not merely channeling something from someone - or thing - else, but filtering at least some of it through her own cognitive filters, using a child's understanding to explain something far more sophisticated than she could understand. The idea that she could bend such a channeling even a bit, hints that this child is very strong. And I'm probably just running off at the mouth, but this story has interested me that much!

Author's Response: glad it has you that interested *blush* glad you\'re enjoying

Str4yk1tt3n2007.01.14 - 12:13AM12: Chapter 12Signed
Wonderfully, beautifully fantastic! You weave a beautiful story.

Author's Response: Thanks very much :)

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