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Royslady512013.05.05 - 05:25PM1: DoorsAnonymous
I love this, love you and that said, let Seventh let Rose shake the dust from her feet for a bit? She needs it if she wants to remain sane.

dalek on skaro2007.10.21 - 03:29PM1: DoorsSigned
Loved it!!! :-)

Author's Response: great! glad you enjoyed!!!

Jaselin ortega2007.09.09 - 09:40PM1: DoorsSigned
I like it, very nice little story good job

Author's Response: thanks :) glad you enjoyed!

Danna Hobart2007.08.23 - 01:10AM1: DoorsSigned
First of all, I love that you picked the name Violet for Rose's little sister. I'm working on my own version of how Rose will get back to the Doctor, and I had considered giving the baby a flower name. I thought of Blossom, Daisy and Iris, but I ended up making the baby a boy.

I haven't seen any of the Torchwood series, but I could still picture all of this in my mind. Brilliant job.

Author's Response: I... have a confession ta make. That\'s Rose\'s daughter :) I kept it intentionally ambiguous. Its important in future stores, promise :) Glad you enjoyed!

moogle3012007.06.08 - 08:17PM1: DoorsSigned
wow, i never thgouht of that. was it the 7th docotr or something. why didnt he recognise her later on? maybe he did and never said. but it wudda already happened ( like the DT tie thing), i like how u got a new doctor for Rose who already existed
this was nicely written
i really liked it
PLUS im uber proud for guessing the girl was Ace b4 all her descriptions were done since im 18 and never watched the old series', but a week or so ago i watched Rememberance of the Daleks on youtube so i have a little knowledge

great story!!

Author's Response: thanks very much :) why he doesn\'t remember her gets explained in the next story in the set.

eve112007.03.18 - 10:51AM1: DoorsSigned
How awesome was that? *looks at series*

And how awesome is it that there's like, a million more entries in this universe??? Eeee!! *hunkers down with laptop on the couch*

Author's Response: oh no. i\'ve ruined your sunday LOL. Glad you enoyed it tho!

Fizzix2007.02.04 - 04:56PM1: DoorsSigned
Ah. I just went and read all the backstory to the new chapter and yes, this DOES make more sense. It's well written, and understandable dispite my total LACK of seven knowledge. (Eight Nine Ten being the ones I know, and really only Nine and Ten. XD)

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed what you\'ve read :)

jedi_penguin2007.01.30 - 12:32PM1: DoorsSigned
Aww... I really enjoyed that. Despite his ruthless streak, Seven can be incredibly compassionate. I like the mental image of him recognizing Rose's pain, wanting to help her, and ending up by seeing someone a future companion. Ace's cameo was great as well.

Author's Response: Thanks very much :) Like all the rest of \'em, seven was a dichotomas creature. However you spell it ;)

rutsky2007.01.16 - 12:58AM1: DoorsSigned
I have a new author in my favorites list. This is very good, breezy language and clear plotting. I enjoyed your description of Seven and Ace, and I'm looking forward to getting to know Rose as you interpret her!

Author's Response: Thanks very much :)

Membio2006.12.27 - 12:18PM1: DoorsSigned
I was going to read Sunshine People because your reviews said "well written" but then you said to go and read your prior stories. I am glad I did, this is a very sweet gem other than Rose's shoes. No job (other than possibly stripper) can require you to wear four inch heels... no way. Three inches will destroy most normal human knees. Aside from my own rant there about footwear A nice Rose in the AU world story. Thanks!

Author's Response: LOL you dont know what she does when she\'s in the field with Torchwood ;) Three\'s uncomfortable. SIX with a spike when you strt getting into stripper catagory. I had a pair of boots i wore to the christmas party at work and they looked great but I had to stop at home on the way back to the office and change into converse because I got blisters on the bottoms of my feet lol. Glad you enjoyed, other than that :)

Ligia Elena2006.12.20 - 11:07PM1: DoorsSigned
That was lovely. I could just hear Seven's voice so well in his dialogue, and Ace's cameo was great too.

Author's Response: Couldn\'t resist Ace ;) The Ace called too loudly to me! Glad you enjoyed it.

jessdoctorwho212006.12.17 - 03:14PM1: DoorsSigned
wonderful. i've attempted to write a story myself - upto chapter 11 now , lost for ideas at the moment.

Author's Response: me too :) I\"m like three chapters away from finishing this whole saga and i can\'t seem to just... do it, even tho i know what happens. Darned writers block :)

padawanpooh2006.12.17 - 07:52AM1: DoorsSigned
Lovely! Seven & Ace & Rose - you've made me a very happy fangirl. Beautiful characterisation, wistfulness and a hopeful ending.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed :) It\'s a service i provide to fangirls everywhere LOL. Thanks for taking he time to respond. Not everyone does, so it\'s always appreciated.

entilzha2006.12.17 - 07:40AM1: DoorsSigned
Aww, c'mon! You can't leave it there! Push the boat out and let's see if you can find landfall. While we're still stuck in the horrible void of DW life without Rose it's nice to hope than one day she'll be back. (Although knowing RTD probably only long enough to be somehow separated again [sigh])

Author's Response: First chapter of Devourer of Souls is up...which is technically a continuation of this. I can\'t figure out how to make a series yet :)

Kesomon2006.12.17 - 12:58AM1: DoorsSigned
*hugs you suddenly and very tightly and does not let go* THANK YOU. Rassilon. I was having the suckiest night ever and I needed some new Seven and Ace stuff.

Author's Response: i try :)

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