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lizzledpink2010.08.08 - 11:47AM1: Stuck in Traffic at the Magic RoundaboutSigned
...-whistles softly- Wow. That's rather inspired. Massive temporal paradox -would- be a good reason to wipe Jack's memory, wouldn't it? Wow. Simply wow. That's utterly brilliant.

I love how this showcased the differences between Jack in every timeline, too. Agent!Jack, happy!Jack, and immortal!Jack all in the same place/time... 's interesting.

Love the Idiot's Lantern and GitF references. And yay, Fourth Doctor appearance! -snicker- Win.

:D Fantastic.

TARDIS_stowaway2008.06.05 - 12:28AM1: Stuck in Traffic at the Magic RoundaboutSigned
You've got an engaging plot and snappy writing! I liked the little nods to "The Idiot's Lantern" and "The Girl in the Fireplace." Kudos for picking up that the latter took place in Jack's home time! The final twist was a pleasant surprise. I just wish the story had contained a little more explanation for why young Jack was being quite so pigheaded and dumb in trying to find his older self. He should know better than that.

Author's Response: Thank you for your compliments! And as regards your criticisms of young Jack being pigheaded and dumb... well... I prefer to look at it as him being overconfident and arrogant because of it, compounded by strong curiousity. This isn\'t all that strange to his character. In fact this is exactly how we\'re introduced to him in The Doctor Dances. He\'s set up a con with a supposedly \'innocent\' bit of space junk, but he hasn\'t checked whether it really wasn\'t dangerous. And look where it got him. Thank you again for your review.

lunchbox2008.06.04 - 09:41PM1: Stuck in Traffic at the Magic RoundaboutSigned
Absolutely fantastic! You managed the time travel and paradoxes perfectly, it's been a long time since I've read a fic with multiple instances of someone without getting confused. And you write Jack so well!
Let me tell you that I actually laughed and clapped my hands when we found out what happened with Jack's missing two years! My boyfriend was slightly alarmed, but when I told him why he agreed - it's brilliant.
Thankyou for brightening my day!

(Recced from the Calufrax LJ.)

Author's Response: Thank you for brightening mine by reviewing such an old story. XWA

Rhydwen2007.05.16 - 07:43AM1: Stuck in Traffic at the Magic RoundaboutSigned
This is great. Such a plausible reason for Jack to have his memories taken away. Really interesting.

Membio2006.11.21 - 02:35PM1: Stuck in Traffic at the Magic RoundaboutSigned
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this one, it's just that when I read on paper it's not as instant to reply and review. THIS is one excellent kick ass story about Jack. I love that he went to find Algy again... though that didn't turn out so well... It is a wonderful reason for his missing memories but wouldn't he leave himself a note that he did it to himself so he'd not be so angst filled? Also he'd already lost his memories before Cardiff. But hey just minor continuity doodads. It was a very enjoyable and engaging story. You wrote a good Jack! I like that the younger Jack’s timeline was in a different order than the older Jacks. That is good time travel writing.

Author's Response: Glad to see you liked it! Thank you for getting back to me. On to your points: --Jack wouldn\'t leave himself a note because the whole *point* of erasing his younger self\'s memories would be that his younger self would no longer be aware that there is an older version of him walking around in linear time in the past. So that\'s out. --The Jack that loses his memories in Cardiff *isn\'t* the Jack that\'s with the Doctor at the time...it\'s an earlier version that came to Cardiff to look for the Companion version of Jack, and instead ran into the even later version of himself (so there are at that moment three versions of Jack in Cardiff...) Thank you again for your very complementary review. XWA

LilacFree2006.11.14 - 10:45PM1: Stuck in Traffic at the Magic RoundaboutSigned
Nicely done! I think that's a beautiful explanation for Jack's missing memories. Fun read, too.

Author's Response: Thank you, I\'m glad you liked it. XWA

batmansbeauty182006.11.14 - 09:59PM1: Stuck in Traffic at the Magic RoundaboutSigned
This is really really good! Love how you explain the 2 missing years from Jack's memory.

Author's Response: Poor Jack has a lot to blame himself for, doesn\'t he? I\'m glad you liked the story. XWA

NSW2006.11.14 - 09:12PM1: Stuck in Traffic at the Magic RoundaboutSigned
fantastic, going to add this to my favorites

Author's Response: Thanks! XWA

Kerowyn2006.11.14 - 06:02PM1: Stuck in Traffic at the Magic RoundaboutSigned
Wow. I mean, just wow. I loved every bit of it. I've tried writing temporal paradoxes before, but I usually wind up by confusing myself.

I'm in the States so I haven't seen Torchwood yet, but now I'm definately intrigued.

Author's Response: :-) Now that\'s a reaction to make me smile. Here\'s me keeping my fingers crossed you\'ll get to see Torchwood soon, too. XWA

Membio2006.11.14 - 05:06PM1: Stuck in Traffic at the Magic RoundaboutSigned
It look to be well written so I am printing it out and will get back to you on how much I like it in a bit eh? Need my bedtime reading and nothing beats paper reading.

Author's Response: Let me know how you like it, okay? Thanks in any case. XWA

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