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angelique_anja2009.04.28 - 01:51AM1: Chapter 1Signed
I always feel so sorry for Jack, especially before he met his team. Looking for ways to die and never finding them. I think you captured Jack perfectly.

Gallifrey2008.07.30 - 12:24PM1: Chapter 1Signed
a load of ####shit

the weeping sparrow2008.06.09 - 09:01PM1: Chapter 1Signed
These are fantastic! Very brief, but very enigmatic at the same time.

joyshadow2008.03.29 - 07:22PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Lovelovelove the last line. Love how you written it. Just love it in general. Cheered me up. :)

Bonzodog2007.08.29 - 04:30PM1: Chapter 1Signed
That was really, really good. I felt really sorry for him when you said the line about "a certain timelord forgot him." But I did laugh at the reason he avoids fatal injuries. Anyone want to take care of Jack? No? Okay then, HE'S MINE!!!!!!!

Cassie13082007.04.19 - 09:18PM1: Chapter 1Signed
hey thats good but you've forgotten some from the newer episodes of Torchwood. :)

Cassie13082007.04.19 - 09:18PM1: Chapter 1Signed
hey thats good but you've forgotten some from the newer episodes of Torchwood. :)

Emi2007.04.08 - 12:45PM1: Chapter 1Signed
loved it it was realy funny

Lily2007.01.12 - 10:02AM1: Chapter 1Signed
What a brilliant story!

Ember Keelty2007.01.07 - 11:35AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Awesome! Very funny, very touching, very in-character. And am I right in thinking I've spotted a HHG2tG homage?

Catherine Spark2006.11.30 - 10:51AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Not his day is it?

FleurDeLys2006.11.04 - 06:18AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Already commented on this on LJ, but I can't say often enought how much I love this story. Great stuff!

Harriet2006.11.04 - 03:59AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Love your writing, especially like the head shot paragraph. Poor Jack!

WolfQueen2006.11.03 - 01:59PM1: Chapter 1Signed
...And there went the extrapolator! Anyhow, I loved the missing scenes, and your explaination of how Jack got to the 21st century!

I Am Bad Wolf2006.11.03 - 01:16AM1: Chapter 1Signed
Fantastic fic. Nice take on how Jack got to the 21st century! ^_^

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