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Jadesfire2011.06.01 - 08:37AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Wow. Someone recced this to me, and I definitely understand why. I love your character voices, which I could absolutely hear, and I love the way you wove the stories together. Al the pain and hurt on both sides come through so clearly, and the chink of hope at the end is just the right amount to leave on an up without tipping into 'too much'. Brilliant writing and a great story, thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading it!

The Granola2011.04.10 - 04:12AM2: Chapter 2Signed
This fic . . . it is one of those rare fics that manages to be entirely believable while existing for most purposes, outside of explicit canon. So, well done and more to the point, Thank You. Truly, Thank You.

Also, it might have just made my week to think of Nine running about my home town. The Witches that I know (apparently it was shortened between '95 and '05) sits at the intersection of Lower Macleay & Wildwood Trails. At least I think (Forest Park, good transit, good beer [and yes Dr_Tamwe, it does exist in the U.S.], 23rd, and Raleigh) your Witches House is the same as my Witches.

Author's Response: This is sooo awesome. amberite lives in stumptown as well and I met her because of this fic. The Witches house is indeed the same one. People will make pilgrimages now:-)

RGRoberts2008.12.27 - 12:19AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Wow! Original and gorgeous and amazing all at once. I'm not coherent enough to write more (far too late for that), but your Nine is absolutely mind-bogglingly perfect. Well done!

ARoseByAnotherName2008.12.07 - 03:55PM2: Chapter 2Signed
I know I'm the umpteenth person to comment, but I guess I just wanted you to know that folks are still discovering and enjoying this. Actually this is my second reading - I favorite'd it a while ago but didn't leave a comment then. I'm glad for its intensity, and its hope, more fierce, maybe, in contrast to the dark. And yeah, his life did suck Satan's big dick at that point, no doubt about it. Thanks.

Dr_Tamwe2008.04.27 - 09:08AM2: Chapter 2Signed
This is a different side of Nine you're showing, and of course very much darker in both theme and presentation than what we experience on the show. It seems like a few of Chris's other characters (Claude, Vindici) are thrown into the mix so I can definitely see and hear him clearly here. The setting is also very well developed, and I have to congratulate you on that because it's something I always struggle with.

I love the end... just have to disagree with you on one thing. American beer is pretty much crap. I am an American who grew up on the Canadian border and lived in England for a while. I never drink American beer.

But I would, with the Doctor.

Eledhwen2008.04.22 - 05:26AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Absolutely brilliant Nine. Crazy, brilliant, tortured. I liked Not-Emma too, very much.

Oh, and Emma Bovary? Sounds like the Doctor and I share feelings on her. Silly girl.

TARDIS_stowaway2008.04.22 - 01:32AM2: Chapter 2Signed
This was marvelous! You vividly portray a pre-Rose Nine who is, if not quite off his hinges, not entirely flush with the door frame either. Yet he's still out there healing the wounds of the Time War and the random passers-by. Not-Emma provides a fascinating set of eyes to see him and is an interesting character in her own right. The bit in chapter 1 about learning to live without hope rang painfully true.

Ligia Elena2008.04.21 - 10:31AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Here from Calufrax, and it's been a while since I've given much thought to Nine, even though he was my first Doctor and I loved him. Now you've got me missing him something fierce. This was a very believable take on a pre-"Rose" Nine, more immediately in the aftermath of the Time War, and his behavior in "Rose" seems like a natural, worn-down progression from this. Wonderful story. And I really liked your original character as well.

Fishface2008.04.20 - 11:40PM2: Chapter 2Signed
I found this from an LJ rec. It is splendid! The meeting of pre-Rose Nine and Not-Emma should be canon; thank you for writing and posting it!

KimotoCat2007.11.02 - 02:43AM2: Chapter 2Signed
I usually can't stand "feeling soooo sorry for myself" stories, but this one got to me, punched me in the gut and threw me entirely off balance.

All I can say is - Brilliant!

Keep this kind of stuff coming - KC

scarlettgirl2007.02.28 - 08:36AM2: Chapter 2Signed
I just recc'd this story to someone and while I had it open, read it again. I love this story so much and even after the god-knows-how many reading, I keep finding little bits of brilliance. "Where do we go from here?"...Awesome. Love, love, LOVE!!

Author's Response: And it loves you right back darlin\'. Makes my heart swell to know you love it enough to recommend it.

Albion192007.02.15 - 04:00PM2: Chapter 2Signed
Your grasp of pre Rose Nine is spot on. I have nothing to base this on, but this just feels right, it's him.
Emily was a great pair of eyes to view the Doctor. Your OC's are very well conveyed. That is one scary man! Even though this was dark it's really funny too. Yes, a pleasure to read :)

Author's Response: Thank you for OC appreciation. And for reading.

rea_p2007.01.10 - 10:54AM2: Chapter 2Signed

I realize that sounds like a very odd way to start a review, but it's how I feel. It's always nice to hear from other people who've been there, whether in books or music or fanfic. The Witches House is brilliant, as is the drinking.

Author's Response: Been there and back a couple of times. And can safely say never going back there again. Thank you for reading and seeing.

Katen2006.11.03 - 07:02AM2: Chapter 2Signed
This is a perfect little nugget of pain and wonder. I love pre-Rose Nine. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

ms sardonicus2006.10.29 - 08:39PM2: Chapter 2Signed
I'm new here and exclusively read NINE only.....I have a thing for those dark, foreboding, broken guys.....what can I say? Anyway enough of my sexual fantasies.....I have to tell you that your story is the only story on this archive that made me laugh out loud....your wit and style is this side of genius!
Your use of swearing is right on. So many people try to make Nine swear in their stories and it just sounds so stupid. But that's the thing.....lots of people swear because they aren't bright enough to think of something intelligent to say.....your use of swearing accentuates his anger and never loses sight of his wit and intelligence. The guy's pissed.....but not stupid. Fantastic!
Just wanted to point out my favorite lines that made me laugh (and I wasn't having a good day either)

Yes, you crazy mofo, Kurt has eaten the gun. What planet are you from? “Go. Away.” you tell him Not-Emma

Ha ha,” he says. “Drank your death.” I would have done him right there! LOL

You’re a bloody stupid ape, aren’t you?” Whirls, pointing at her. “No. You’re a stupid cow, is what you are! Boyfriend left you? Didn’t get into grad school? Boo-fucking-hoo. I’ve got actual legitimate pain, and you don’t see me trying to off myself AWESOME

You’re the one who started it. You’re some kind of... what? Psycho immortal like in those Highlander movies?” in the end there is only one.....lol

Yep. This is going to be disgusting. Appreciate it if you'd look the other way now--" you win the award for best Doctor Who vomit scene

If he unzips his jeans, I am so out of here..I'm not

You’re a strange, nosy little bitch, Emma--if only he used that line with Rose...

The Doctor reaches into his pocket, and the guy with the belly tenses up. He waves the ticket at him. “A hundred bucks. That’s what? Bottle of the good stuff each, carton of smokes, and a Whopper value meal at Burger King, right here.” .....not in America....cigarettes are 60 bucks a carton here.....lol!

and finally my favorite...Your life really… sucks Satan's giant dick, doesn't it?” yeah...it really does

Sorry to go on and on....but you really did an awesome job on an archive that's really getting jammed up with Tenth Doctor baby stories.....wtf?
Many kudos to you as I put you on my favorites list. Hope to read more! I'm grabbing my power-steering fluid, my cigs and my copy of Madame Bovary (I had to write a paper on that book in college....ugh!) and heading to the nearest park....never know.....NINE RULES and you rock!

Author's Response: thanks for the enthusiastic review. the story was set in 1995 when cigarettes were a lot cheaper, btw. You could actually get all that stuff for a hundred dollars, as long as the good stuff wasn\'t top-of-the-line good and the cigarettes were a generic brand. Again, glad you enjoyed it. Babyfics are of the devil. Don\'t actually drink the power steering fluid though. You probably do not have a magic stomach.

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