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ERNest2011.10.14 - 08:55PM22: Chapter 17Signed
Once again, this was a wonderful journey you led me through. Every time I've seen PotW since it's been with this in the back of the mind, so I thank you for that. Ruthie and Roderick are still my favorite characters that you have given me. Thank you.

Author's Response: Wow! I\'m so glad you thought the story was good enough to come back to! I, too, have my favorite characters, and Ruthie\'s definitely one of them (and even poor old Roderick.) I\'m not sure if this will interest you, but I\'m working on a vignette (not really a follow-up story, not enough plot) that revisits Lynda, Ruthie and Elizabeta. I hope to have it finished within the next little while. And again, my thanks for showing me that this story was good enough to stick in your memory.

ARoseByAnotherName2009.06.30 - 03:07PM22: Chapter 17Signed
This was really brilliant. I could see Jack every step of the way, and I loved seeing Lynda evolve, as well as all your other characters. Thanks for bringing them back and then giving us closure in a hope-filled way. Now I know what happened next for Jack after PofW (you've filled a niche in my own personal canon). Thanks for helping me remember how much I love him.

By the way, I found this story nominated on the Children of Time site. I'm glad I did and am looking forward to reading more of your work.

Author's Response: I can\'t tell you how much your comment means to me, especially in terms of my being able to provide personal canon. I hope that I can continue to provide stories that you enjoy just as much!

KerrAvonsen2009.02.07 - 09:57AM22: Chapter 17Signed
Lovely, lovely, lovely story! I'd seen it in passing, but didn't read it until it was recced on Calufrax, because the story summary gave me no idea what the story was actually about, alas. And now it's three in the morning, because I couldn't stop until I got to the end.

Let me beg you for a sequel. I want a Lynda and Jack reunion; whether that be Jack and the Doctor, or Jack and the Doctor and Martha, or just Jack on his own, I want them to meet again. Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with cream and chocolate sprinkles on top?

Author's Response: Wow - that\'s very high praise! Thank you very much. I admit, I\'d been playing around with whether to do something on Lynda\'s Team of Awesome, since I think she, Ruthie and Elisabeta would be fascinating on their own .... (And I also admit that I was probably a victim of my own cleverness in regards to the story summary. I\'m cleverly stupid that way sometimes. Sigh.)

ERNest2008.09.18 - 10:23PM22: Chapter 17Signed
I agree with Cathica: bravo. Everything about this was so perfect, it made me love every single character. I love the character of Elizabeta and how you developed her more and more as the story progressed. The Outerlude was really good but I'm glad you added these last two chapters. Thank you so much for writing this! ERNest

Author's Response: And thank you, for sticking with the story, and giving me constant feedback. I\'m touched that you liked it well enough to do so.

Cathica2008.09.18 - 04:36PM22: Chapter 17Signed
Oh, bravo! I like Lynda in this story, which surprises me a little, since I didn't really care for her on the show. I especially like the way she takes care of Jack, since he didn't always do a great job of it himself. I give "Walk Out With Me" a 10. 8)

Author's Response: Thank you so much - that\'s high praise! The feedback of authors like you was helpful, particularly as the story wound down, so I owe you thanks for that, as well. I\'m also glad that my writing increased your affection for Lynda. I became so fond of her as I wrote her that I had to work not to make her a Mary Sue (she didn\'t deserve that ill-turn.) At the end, I was proud of her for growing, and living past her fears, which was something I saw the promise of in her character originally. (For instance, I don\'t know if I\'d have had the courage to take the Doctor\'s hand and leave Big Brother.) She has ended up taking care of a lot of people, but I hope she\'s learned to care for herself as well. I hope her life continues to be a good one.

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