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ERNest2015.03.22 - 05:04PM17: Chapter 14Signed
this story continues to be incredible, even the second or third time. this is one of my favorite chapters, Lynda learning how loved she is, and the sequence of finding the codes, and all of it.

Author's Response: I am very glad that you like this chapter. I remember how slowly it came together, and how it moved toward completion only when I realized that this was exactly what Lynda needed to hear, and what the others needed to say to her. Thank you for understanding that!

ERNest2009.05.06 - 03:25PM17: Chapter 14Signed
I just read the story again and it just keeps getting better and better. I love the part where the Voice is inside of her mind and body.

But I think Mayhew's name was Roderick, not Rodney.

Author's Response: Thank you so much; I\'m pleased to think it\'s a good enough story to bear repeated viewings. And thank you so much for catching my mis-appellation - I\'ve fixed it. Honestly, I think I should credit you as one of my copy-editors, because you\'ve caught so many of my mistakes, for which I proffer a grateful tug of my forelock!

Cathica2008.05.07 - 07:36PM17: Chapter 14Signed
Boy, this just keeps getting better. I'd give it a "Woo hoo!" if I could get my breath. 8) (And I love that line "I am the handmaid of the storm." Perfect.)

Author's Response: Thanks for your Woo hoo! (And I\'m rather fond of \"I am the handmaid of the storm\" too.)

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