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PencilGuardian2009.03.09 - 10:39PM7: Chapter 6Signed
Oh boy. Wow, you have a knack for the English language. The beautifully intimate way you describe what everybody's going through...the claustrophobia, the fear of heights...I'm reeling!

Author's Response: I hope that means you\'re enjoying it, and I also hope you recover from reeling. I have a personal fear of heights that I used to inform Meg\'s reactions. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in the foreward to this chapter, I did not know that the story was going to tell me this was Meg\'s fate. Thanks for reading!

Amy Wolf2007.01.30 - 10:57AM7: Chapter 6Signed
I'm starting to feel guilty over giving this only one review. It's not just good anymore, it's stunning! You've got this feel for getting all these layers into these seemingly ordinary people from the background; not just the details, but who they are.

And that chapter ending was shocking, but perfect. It fit in with the story on this whole level I can't begin to describe. There was a dark sense of rightness to it. Excellent work! I'm excited to see where you're taking this.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, thank you for your words! I\'m still recovering from what I did in Chapter Six, which is why I needed to turn to the Controller in Interlude Two. There may ultimately be some connectives between the two - beyond ones that are already there.

LilacFree2007.01.14 - 10:46AM7: Chapter 6Signed
Beautifully cinematic chapter. You've done what most movie makers attempt and fail, to marry the emotional landscape to the visual landscape.

Author's Response: Very high praise from someone I respect. This was a hard chapter for me to do, because I normally suck - quite cosmically - at anything vaguely cinematic. You give me hope that I can be successful at it!

Queen_Gwenyvere2007.01.14 - 09:47AM7: Chapter 6Signed
This is lovely--people having to face their nightmares: falling, darkness, close spaces, never being smart enough, being too smart, failing, being abandoned. You've done some lovely stuff here. It may not have turned ou the way you planned, but it still came out pretty well. Billions of points to you for making me care about this in depth, fleshed out characters who were merely canon fodder.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I\'m still reeling from what happened (I probably should say \"from what I did,\" but I admit I\'m a coward, and can\'t handle the responsibility.) With this chapter, I confirmed for myself that the way I write now is very different from the way I wrote years ago; I am more at the mercy of my characters now, and I am discovering the story, rather more than I am creating it. It\'s a bit unnerving!

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