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LilacFree2007.01.01 - 12:25AM6: Chapter 5Signed
Great to see more of this story at last. I'd like to comment specifically on your Jack. He's recognizable, but you've added some wonderful depth to his characterization. I wish they'd do character development of this caliber in the published novels.

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind words. Oddly, I wasn\'t consciously impressed with the Captain in his first appearance, but came to love him. I worried about how well I could treat him, and as I\'ve written him, I\'ve wanted to take care and treat him with respect. Thanks for giving me a clue that I\'m going in that direction!

Queen_Gwenyvere2006.12.29 - 12:28AM6: Chapter 5Signed
This is wonderful. I really enjoy where this story is going. The depth and expansion you're giving to characters who were basically canon fodder is amazing. I cannot wait until Chapter Six. I love Lynda remembering Bad Wolf Rose, and Jack is, as always, a delight.

Author's Response: I\'m so glad Jack is ringing true to you, and that you caught Lynda\'s Bad Wolf memory. (Or is it a Blue Rose memory?) I\'m working out the mechanics and the whys and wherefores of that. I never cease to be amazed at how much the story tells the writer instead of the other way around!

wmr2006.12.28 - 11:02PM6: Chapter 5Signed
So good to see this back! And I just posted a recommendation for it on the LiveJournal community time_and_chips a couple of hours ago, so good timing.

Glad to see everyone being so clever - well, everyone except Roderick :P And Iris is working for the Daleks? Or is she just insane?

More soon, please!

Author's Response: Thanks - I have to thank my wonderful Beta, Best Beloved, for helping me get this chapter out, and thanking him in advance for what may come in the future, for Roderick, at least. As to Iris? The answer to your questions is \"Yes.\" Of which, more, later.

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