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ERNest2008.05.27 - 06:26PM5: Chapter 4Signed
Oh no! plunged into darkness!! By the way, are you ever going to tell us what the hieroglyph is? Or did I miss it?

Author's Response: *winces* And here I\'d been hoping people would forget about said heiroglyph. In fact, I\'d been thinking of excising it in massive edit once the story\'s complete! Ah well, I can\'t escape perspicacious readers such as you, it seems. Heh. With that in mind, yes, I imagine I shall have to ensure that you learn (eventually) what that glyph represents.

LilacFree2006.11.22 - 10:06PM5: Chapter 4Signed
Hee, hee, attack of the killer reality shows. That just tickles me.

Author's Response: Heh. Thanks! Ground Force studio looks to be important as we go forward. I wonder what it\'ll look like?

Queen_Gwenyvere2006.11.22 - 11:03AM5: Chapter 4Signed
This is wonderful, my friend. I am truly loving this story, and how you've fleshed out not just Jack, but the cannon fodder as well. Quite a world you've created here. I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thanks, my dear! (You know, I saw the term \"cannon fodder\" and read it as \"canon fodder\" - which may not be what I\'m producing, but is certainly what I love. The sad thing is that once you\'ve named them, they aren\'t fodder any more, even if their fate isn\'t great.

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