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ERNest2008.06.15 - 07:00AM3: Chapter 3Signed
This was a really good chapter, especially the end. One thing though. Shouldn't Jack say the 202nd century and the 20th century? But that's just me being picky.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for catching the bad math. As it happened, the century is the 2002nd. But Jack did, indeed, mean the 19th century. He was a little het up, and was referring to the \"tin can and string\" theory. Heh. Glad you\'re continuing to enjoy this, bad math and all.

PencilGuardian2007.01.05 - 09:24PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Christ on a crutch! Lynda's been shot!! The plot thickens, methinks! I marvel at your skills with characterisation and dialogue. Anders was seriously making me angry, because I've met people just like her! What I'm wondering, though, is why she was so unwilling to help, when she was just as stranded as everyone else? You've obviously worked out all the nitty details of how this world works, and I love the strategy talk. Great stuff!

Author's Response: Thanks, particularly for your comments about Iris. Read on, and you\'ll find out where and what she\'s about, or at least a hint of it. I\'m going through the agony of birthing Chapter 6 right now, and we\'ll see whether our heroes\' talk of strategy bears fruit for good or ill.

wmr2006.10.20 - 05:03PM3: Chapter 3Signed
This continues to be brilliant - carefully plotted, with excellent characterisation and subtle handling of emotions. In particular, Jack losing it after Iris tells him it's not possible to contact anywhere else is so believable - everyone's depending on him because there's no-one else, yet he's feeling lost and dumped-on and abandoned himself and he's had no opportunity to grieve for what he's lost. Not surprising that he'd give way to anger and self-doubt. Good to see the teamwork between the four of them.

Keep this coming! It's favourited.

Author's Response: Thank you so much; I very much value your input, having enjoyed so much of your output. Working on multiple character interaction has proven to be one of the biggest challenges thus far. I\'m also noticing that my POV is subtley evolving, or bouncing from one end of second person to another end of third person. We\'ll see what the god of taleweaving does next...

LilacFree2006.10.20 - 11:33AM3: Chapter 3Signed
I figured you would write stories at least as well as you write reviews, and I was correct. I'm glad you tackled this, because I think it's pretty definite we won't get Jack's story in any real detail. It's so satisfying to get the ensemble characterizations here. The depth of the plot makes me really feel the burden of what Jack and his crew are trying to accomplish, and makes me care about what's going to happen next.

Author's Response: Thanks. You were one of the first authors I read here, and your work was part of what spurred me to start fictioning writing again. I value your input.

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