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Membio2006.09.29 - 03:40PM6: DalekSigned
Oh that scene with the Doctor completely out to lunch-- so depressed and lost in the war he doesn't notice anything around him, that was very very powerful and well written. I like how he slowly came to... Very sweet. All Adam needs to be happy is TV? oh bugger 'im!

Author's Response: what a contrast - angsty time lord who needs Rose, whiny human who needs a TV. I actually quite liked Adam, before he was a prick in TLG. Then I changed my mind. Fast.

Sian2006.09.19 - 04:53AM6: DalekSigned
This is great. I'm enjoying the whole series. You've got Nine's manerisms and angst down well.
Hope you're going to continue the series.

Author's Response: Oh yes, I definitely intend to - when I get the time to write! Glad you\'re enjoying it :)

Gillian Taylor2006.09.16 - 10:43PM6: DalekSigned
This is fabulous. You write Nine and Rose beautifully. I've been enjoying each chapter immensely (though I've been neglegent in reviewing), and I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind words! Means a lot - I\'m frantically trying to get the next parts written, but it\'s easier said than done :P

SCAngel2006.09.16 - 10:50AM6: DalekSigned
I really and truly adore this series. You have such a way with words and very much enjoy the way you write Rose and Nine.

For this one in particular, I almost feel bad for Adam. Almost. If he wasn't such a self-righteous prat, he might get my sympathy for being stuck in between Rose and Nine with so much between them.


Author's Response: LOL. Cheers for the review, hun ^^ I\'d like to take the time to say I\'m a huge fan of your work, too! So this means an extra lot to me :)

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