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Membio2006.09.29 - 03:27PM5: World War ThreeSigned
Very nice! I could feel the tension with every fibre of my being. Rose was very brave to follow him along when he was angry hurt Time Lord... and then go after him with a spatula! I love your mind.

Author's Response: LOL, well, I just had one of those mental images of her brandishing a spatula at him - knew I had to include it!

Tante2006.09.27 - 10:49PM5: World War ThreeSigned

  • Of all the things today that he regrets doing and saying, itís that that haunts him the most. Those stupid words. That telephone call.

  • ďDoctor, I mean it.Ē She is leaning over before he quite registers, and then her hand is on his knee, a light pressure, but definitely there and he is sure it definitely meaning something that he does not want it to mean. He looks to her, almost desperately; yet he sees nothing but worry and compassion in her eyes. She just wants to help, he realises with a touch of his own curiosity. She sees him hurting ó though how, even he isnít sure ó and wants him to talk to her so that she knows why it is he feels this way.
    Still, he canít help noticing that her palm fits his knee perfectly, he fingers curling around his kneecap, her thumb and little finger framing the touch.

I love the intensity of these two moments in particular and the fic as a whole. Just as it gets a bit much for the reader to withstand, you let us catch our breath with Rose's praise of the Doctor's bravery. Then release us to our ease with playful banter at the end. Lovely pacing. Thanks for letting us savour those moments.

LJQ2006.09.11 - 08:29PM5: World War ThreeSigned
Great job! Very Nine/Rose.

wmr2006.09.11 - 05:13PM5: World War ThreeSigned
Did I miss you posting chapters 3 and 4, or did they all go up together with chapter 5? No matter; I'm still absolutely loving this. You have their characterisation just right from my perspective, and I love your little codas and insights into each episode. Favourited!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I posted Chapter Three up here a while ago, and posted up chapters four and five tonight. I only actually updated LJ today, because I\'m a huge procrastinator. Glad you\'re liking it so far, and thanks for the support :) (*makes mental note to update T&C a lot more often*)

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