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Cassie13082008.05.13 - 01:18AM1: RoseSigned
Squee yay yes! omg I can't beleive it, I've seen that episode like a dozen times but i still was worried that she wouldn't come. LOL. now that says something for ur writting skills.

sinecure2008.04.16 - 05:41PM1: RoseSigned
I found this recently and finished reading it last night. It's so wonderful. I love the way you write Nine and Rose. I've been on such a Ten/Rose kick lately, that Nine's been getting neglected, but you made me fall back in love with him, thank you.

I think the second chapter was my absolute favorite. The getting to know one another and the tour around the ship, it was perfect.

The Big Bad Wolf2007.03.26 - 02:13PM1: RoseSigned

Shopgirl09782006.10.16 - 07:39AM1: RoseSigned
okay, am I being a little presumptious here, but a red eyed pale man, er it isn't the Tenth Doctor is it? Telling him to go and get Rose...? Or no, because he'd recognise him as another Timelord wouldn't he..or would he know?

Author's Response: Heh, there\'s been a lot (well, a bit) of speculation about who that man is. We\'ll find out eventually, promise!

Membio2006.09.27 - 08:17PM1: RoseSigned
Yes, well I'm another that missed the boat until now. So glad to have found another nice long well written story to read. You started out with one of my own favourite little time snips... thanks!

Author's Response: I have always wondered exactly what he did between those times. I mean, he *could* have just... done it straight. But I don\'t think so :P Glad you\'re enjoying it!

Tante2006.09.27 - 04:59PM1: RoseSigned
Fabulous, this.
I can't believe I've not been following it all along. Shame on me for not paying closer attention.

I'm excited to see the rest of your missing moments. I love those.

There are a couple of little typos here and there.

These were favourite lines.
Humans, he knows, have no concept of outer space in her time. It would have been like handing her a wooden stick, pointing to the top and saying, “Here’s a lolly, but you’ll have to imagine it, I’m afraid, ‘cause I’m too daft to give you a real one”.

He will be having “words” with her when he gets back inside, and they will involve a very small hammer.

He hates waste, he really does, and seeing such a fiery young girl with a heart that could change the world chained to a life that will kill her slowly... well, that is sacrilege in his eyes.

Love your Nine voice. Well done. On to more chapters.

Author's Response: I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it! I\'ll probably be honest and say the earlier chapters will have a few mistakes - but I finally got around to sending this off to my beta now, so come the later chapters, it probably won\'t be so bad. Thanks for the review :D (And I\'m rather fond of my Nine voice as well. *pats him*. He keeps my company when I\'m lonely).

Lillibet2006.08.31 - 09:05AM1: RoseSigned
Ro, this is just so good. I'm really looking forward to the others in the series. Oh, and I've sent you an email.

wildcard2006.08.31 - 06:02AM1: RoseSigned
I adore Doctor 9 and you got him off to a T. Love the interaction between him and Rose - liked how she saw through him when he got a little lost LOL. Thanks and wanting more please!

LJQ2006.08.29 - 03:22PM1: RoseSigned
Nicely done. Good explanation of what happened during those moments he left her. Will we ever find out who the man in the cemetery was/is?

LilacFree2006.08.29 - 03:07PM1: RoseSigned
There have been a lot of fanfics that address the gap between the Doctor's first and second invitation. You've handled it in a particularly interesting way. Good job!

Lillibet2006.08.29 - 01:57PM1: RoseSigned
Oh I like this -- but then I knew I would, even before I read it. So nice to be proved right! Yes, it's very different to your other stuff, but it's still good. Very good.
Favourite lines?

He will be having "words" with her when he gets back inside, and they will involve a very small hammer.

He gives a wide grin that is the most pathetic attempt at lying the Doctor has ever seen.

Back a second time... pfft.

That last ...pfft line -- I could SEE 9 doing that!

Do you want to swap my 9 for your 9?

Author's Response: *gasp* Yeah, I\'ll swap! I think mine\'s more angsty than yours, I could do with a nice bit of fluff :P

wmr2006.08.29 - 09:47AM1: RoseSigned
I like this a lot - a fascinating glimpse into the state of Nine's mind post-Time War. You write his relationship with the TARDIS very nicely, too. I'll be interested to see the rest of your episode codas.

One question: who was the man in the cemetary? Is he meant to be someone we recognise? Not sure why he said, or hinted, or whatever, that the Doctor should go back for Rose.

And a tiny nitpick: 'both' does not take the definite article. It's 'both of them', not 'the both of them'.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you for the review :) The nitpick is welcome, and atcually, it\'s a phrase I use a lot, so knowing it\'s wrong is a help. I could come up with some sort of excuse, like it sounded Ninth-Doctory to me, but I\'d be mostly lying. I can\'t really say who the man in the cemetery is, only that it\'s supposed to be vague and that he\'ll be back. I love abstract attempts at plot!

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