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ERNest2008.05.14 - 06:00PM2: Evening; EntanglementsSigned
This was a great chapter. It took me a while to get the Jack Newhouse thing but it made me laugh once I did.

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad you like the language jokes.

Paranoid Seat2006.08.21 - 09:19AM2: Evening; EntanglementsSigned
*giggles* Ah, I see. I wasn't even thinking about Italian! All my mind could come up with was nouvelle maison, cos I was thinking in French. I really should make an effort to watch that at some point... My flatmate has it on video, so I shall make the time. What about Jean-Marc Chemine?

Author's Response: Jean-Marc doesn\'t mean anything. The last name is cheminee (chimney or fireplace) without the final e. It looked too weird as a name, otherwise. Interestingly enough, while cheminee could be fireplace, chemin is path or road, so chemine could be both, neither, or something in between.

Paranoid Seat2006.08.20 - 03:11PM2: Evening; EntanglementsSigned
Oh, almost forgot - yay for NA continuity! I love the legends of Ancient Gallifrey, the Pythia's is one of my favourites.

Author's Response: Yeah. I don\'t consider myself up to completely matching the NAs, the BBC books, and the on-screen material, but the Pythia\'s just so interesting. Thanks for reviewing!

Paranoid Seat2006.08.20 - 03:07PM2: Evening; EntanglementsSigned
I like this a lot, it's intriguing. I can't help wondering how long Rose will wait on the TARDIS, or how long Mickey will let her wait :o)

The times and places the Doctor visits are very cool, even if I have only a passing knowledge of European history and none of American. I feel I shall gain my knowledge of these places from this story, just as I learn about other bits of history from Doctor Who itself.

I feel rather dim, I don't get the name jokes from the first chapter :o) I did take French in school, but had to give it up after Standard Grade because my talent lay in memory and not language logic (i.e. I could remember big chunks of it off by heart but I couldn't take a sentence in English and make it French). Could you please let me in on the joke?

I look forward to the next instalment, it'll be just as good or better, I expect.

Author's Response: The name joke wasn\'t even in French, so don\'t feel bad. New house is an English translation of a certain Italian historic figure who traveled around Europe, wrote an infamous set of memoirs, repeatedly visited Versailles, and was aquainted with Madame de Pompadour. Jacques was a nickname; his real name was Giacomo. He\'s been portrayed on-screen by various actors, including Donald Sutherland, Peter O\'Toole, Heath Ledger and David Tennant; which is why I thought it would be particularly funny to include.

kalima2006.08.20 - 08:20AM2: Evening; EntanglementsSigned
Some of my very favorite periods in history, and very favorite historical persons. I love this to pieces. I'll have trouble containing myself until the next one:-)

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad you like it. I always particularly enjoy when a fanfic writer I admire likes something of mine.

eve112006.08.20 - 06:43AM2: Evening; EntanglementsSigned
wonderful chapter. I love the world-sized scale of this story, and I love that the Doctor meets mythical, mystical goddesses from his past and future in a New Orleans bayou, wow, perfect!

Author's Response: Thanks. I wanted to do something in New Orleans, and I read that Marie Laveau was supposed to have learned everything she knew from a certain Doctor John. That was too interesting to pass up.

amberite2006.08.19 - 11:33PM2: Evening; EntanglementsSigned
I'm looking forward to more. You're really capturing the sense of history as a cascade of very real struggles, not just a vacation spot. Primo stuff.

Author's Response: Thank you. History looks a bit different when you have to go through in order.

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