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Reaf2009.09.05 - 07:48AM1: OneSigned

This story is truly brilliant, I'm utterly captivated.

However, you know, I find it awfully rude when authors leave their stories untouched for years and just forget them. Itís hardly a case of writers block after this long and believe me I fully appreciate that people may loose interest with something they may have once been passionate about, that's part of life and I get that. Nevertheless, I just think that if you do not have definite intentions to complete or at least continue a story, then perhaps you should not upload it at all for the public or fan base to read.

I wonít pester you to continue it mind, I get that you probably wish to move onto different projects and yes, I appreciate that. I just find it a little inconsiderate. People are still reviewing for a story that has most probably long since gone.

Good luck with whatever else you may write however, as you are, unquestionably a fine writer.

timeywimey2009.07.01 - 09:06AM4: FourSigned
I can't help but notice that this story hasn't been updated in a while... I truly hope that you'll finish it! I've been really enjoying it, and I think you've done a great job capturing Rose and The Doctor. Please don't leave us wondering!

Jula2008.07.03 - 02:07AM4: FourSigned
OMG this really needs to be updated cuz Romana!squee!!!

angel_rapley2007.11.14 - 04:04PM1: OneSigned
Hey, this has been on my favourites for ages now, so I thought I'd give you a nudge and let you know that I was really enjoying it and I hope you'll consider updating it soon! I look forward to hopefully reading more soon! Jem x

Athena2007.04.22 - 09:07AM1: OneSigned
This fic is a bit sad because while they are together, there are pretenses. The Doctor doing human domestic... hard to do. I loved Rose's observations about shagging a Time Lord. It's just so the Doctor and so Ten too.

But eee! Romana. Can't wait to see how that'll blow over.

Mousewolf2006.11.29 - 06:22AM4: FourSigned
*Stiffens with shock* Romana? But isn't she...? Oh, no. The TARDIS crashing to earth, burnt and broken and screaming... Poor Romana. But is she his or another's, I wonder?
*Grins* She might be a Time Lord (lady? I never understood that...) but let's see how she fares against the big Bad Wolf, shall we?
Fantastic story, Cam! Keep writing.

Panny2006.10.20 - 11:03AM2: TwoSigned
Actually read this quote a while ago but never reviewed it. I do love the Doctor trying desperately to make a loose cow into a real adventure. And Rose's reaction to everything is quite touching.

amberite2006.10.18 - 02:31AM4: FourSigned
Oh, wow. The "girlfriend and the ex" situation to blow all others out of the water. I've been enjoying this story with all its sense of place and melancholy. Well done. Keep going.

sensitivific2006.10.17 - 11:20AM1: OneSigned
Love this story. It's wholly unlike anything else out there in the fandom. The precarious but precious domestic situation they've concocted feels so real. It's simultaneously unsettling and compelling.

Can't wait to see where the Romana angle goes. Surely she will not only challenge the Doctor's heart, but also his ability to remain on the slow path... ;)

kalima2006.10.16 - 09:27PM4: FourSigned
YES! Of all the stories popping up about "the one adventure he'll never etc..." this is the only one I've been waiting for. romana makes me very happy (and a bit frightened for him.)

Innogen2006.10.16 - 02:00PM4: FourSigned
Oh, wow. Romana? I wonder if it is our Romana, or the other Universe's Romana. Just, OMG. Rose will freak either way.

Great story. Your style is very lyrical.


amberite2006.08.21 - 03:55AM2: TwoSigned
All right, alien cow, I've seen through your devious hedge plan.

Best. Line. Ever.

karenbee2006.08.15 - 05:54PM1: OneSigned
ah, i've never read a rose/doctor where they're together post doomsday that is so...dark. it's a little painful that it's all not perfect and yay, but at the same time it feels...right, and totally in character. i've read a few of your stories now and i really love your style. :)

i read the first chapter last night, the second this morning, and i had to print the third and take it tow work with me! update soon!

njelruch2006.08.15 - 11:27AM3: ThreeSigned

I love this story, although I still feel strangely hurt by fish-out-of-water, TARDISless Doctor. And now there's a mystery afoot. Can't wait for the next bit.

kalima2006.08.14 - 08:35PM3: ThreeSigned
Oh, I love this story with great passion! I was so excited when I read you had a chapter with beta. Thank you.

Always so beautiful.

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