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Reviews For Frozen Hearts

KDHeart2011.03.16 - 05:01AM6: Chapter 6Signed
It was a wonderful story and it got me grinning like a Cheshire Cat all day (it usually takes me a while to come back and review).

Loved the fluff and I also love how you handled the stuck-in-a-freezing-cave part (always had a soft spot for that kind of a scenario, but it's rarely done well).

finmagik2008.01.10 - 12:52PM6: Chapter 6Signed
Well done, a bit on the sweet side for me. But then you know the type of Six/Peri stuff I write.

Willdew2007.12.13 - 04:47AM6: Chapter 6Signed
A lot of work obviously went into this. There were points where I thought he was perhaps being a bit too sappy, but when I rethink the episodes I've seen six in I recall that his spouting of pseudo-Shakespearian lines often found him being romantic as well as insulting. He's just very extreme, when it comes down to it. And you did keep that.

I thought that using a third person observational character helped to bring your own analysis of their relationship into the story in a manner that wasn't disruptive to the plot.

Yahtzee2007.10.27 - 05:44PM6: Chapter 6Signed
Very nicely done, showing Six's brusque manner and better nature all in the same gestures.

NineClouds2006.10.03 - 07:10AM6: Chapter 6Signed
Such a good Six story and they're rare to come by. Very touching at times and shows Six in a completely new and positive light but in character at the same time. I'm really a Five fan but for once you made me like Six and actually feel sory for him, so thanks for that. Keep up the good work and this one goes to my favorites;-)

Paranoid Seat2006.06.18 - 10:36AM6: Chapter 6Signed
Wow. I had tears in my eyes at some points. That was a really great read, especially for someone like myself who went from hating Six to thinking he's great (thanks to the audios), and I really enjoyed it all the way through. It was very well characterised and wonderfully written, and it's going in my favourites so I can read it again some time.

LilacFree2006.06.02 - 05:21PM6: Chapter 6Signed
Very rewarding to see them talk it out at last. Thank you for sharing.

Author's Response: Yeah. I was always a little annoyed with Peri that she never really thanked the Doctor for dying for her. No wonder he tried to kill her, ungrateful child! Glad you liked it!

alocin422006.06.02 - 05:11PM6: Chapter 6Signed
Aww, it just gets even more sweet! *makes incoherent squeeing noises* Never thought I'd be converted into a Six/Peri fan but you've done it!

Author's Response: Just wait until you read my next fic. Hmmm, I should probably get to writing it!

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