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Dreamcatcher2018.02.17 - 05:31PM7: Chapter 7Signed
Loved every moment of this heartwarming and at times hilarious story...bless the Christmas miracle by way of Wilf, mailman extraordinar.

Author's Response: I watched clips of Wilf while working on this and I just... <3<3<3 He is so wonderful and we were really happy he fit so well into this. Thank you so much for reading and your comments, we've really enjoyed them! Epilogue will be coming and maybe another story later! :*

bloose092018.02.17 - 04:28PM7: Chapter 7Signed
Roseís heart recognized John for who he is. I loved the way Rose replayed every moment with John and overlaid it with every letter she and the Doctor wrote to each other. How perfect that they are one in the same man! Ding! Everyone thinks Rose is engaged to Mickey, except she and Mickey! Of course John ran off after thinking he was too late. He wouldnít push in. Rose is happy because she knows things will right themselves in good time. but John must be so very sad right now :( I see Fate is taking a hand in things. I love the Brigadier and Doris! So sad he has passed. Hahahaha! Wilf is amazing! Hooray! Now John knows too! What a way to find out! A true Christmas miracle. Doris is so sweet to them :) Well it is a rather romantic story! Those blue jimjams sound rather sexy. Ahhh, Roseís letter was so sweet and pure perfection! The Christmas story that is now Rose and Johnís is super duper sweet! Love the way Jack and Ianto take the piss out of John. Oh man it is not going to easy to find Rose today, is it? Oh, my John is going to find Rose and Susan on their stargazing adventure? How romantic, except Susan is there so it will be more of a family reunion! So nice Rose is able to think of her time spent with James with peace and happiness. I love how John just blurts out his alter ego so as not to let anything get in the way this time around. John is so very good with Susan. Their bond is strong too. I dig how they are teasing each other on the drive home. Susan isnít that clueless about what is going on, is she? Or maybe she is just that happy! Good thing Susan is an early sleeper because Rose and John are going to burst. Such a sweet ending to the chapter. They have a huge head start on getting to know each other, but they know there is much more to learn. If John was running around London looking like that I would be following him! At a respectful distance of course ;) Thank you so much for posting this tremendous story! I have enjoyed every moment of it!

Author's Response: We are so, so glad you enjoyed it! And thank you for all your reactions, they make us grin!! Look for the epilogue next week and maybe another story or two in this verse at some point in the future. We're not ready to let it go yet!

bloose092018.02.09 - 10:39PM6: Chapter 6Signed
The opening sequence was bittersweet. No one who truly loves would want their partner to live a life of perpetual mourning. Rose is feeling things she never thought she would again. Those feelings only show that she is alive. Jackie has been through the same things. I love the way you depict their relationship. I am so glad Rose is seeing what is happening with John as an opportunity to give love a chance again. Ianto and Jack will make sure John does the right thing. It is wonderful to have so much support. Johnís confessional essay is an inspired idea. Is Mickey Marthaís mystery man? Hooray! Ben is reading too? Wonderful! John is blown away by Roseís song choice :) Susan and John are having a bonding moment together. Argh! Mickey has the worst timing possible! Canít he see there was something important going on that had nothing to do with him? Susan is so confused too. She has really bloomed with confidence since meeting John. Good on Jack for chasing after John. Of course, it turns out that Mickey was giving Rose the brush off and being awesome about sending Susan and Rose to Barcelona, but couldnít it have waited? Susan got a hold of Johnís confessional essay? Oh, my that puts an interesting spin on things. I love the Bonus Features! Thank you so much for posting another superb update!

Author's Response: Poor Mickey has literally no idea what was going on there! :P:P I love that you notice John and Susan bonding :):) That's one of Fleur's favorite things, especially. Thank you for your comments, we love reading them!

Dreamcatcher2018.02.09 - 09:55PM6: Chapter 6Signed
That was beautiful and the flashbacks with James was both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time...so happy for Mickey that he realized that he deserved to be loved as he loves in return.

Author's Response: We're so glad you liked the flashbacks! We're kind of breaking our own hearts all the time with that backstory :) And very, very glad to hear you say that about Mickey - it was really important to us to serve him well (and since you saw the movie, you know what we were dealing with there, haha)

bloose092018.02.02 - 09:55PM5: Chapter 5Signed
So Martha has been traveling the world :) I love how Jack orchestrates everything and everyone around him. Even Martha sees the energy between Rose and John. Susan and John are working on their own bond. Now Jackie knows that Rose is calling things off with Mickey, but he doesnít know yet. Maybe Mickey and Martha will hit it off! I like the way you incorporated CEís way of pointing that foot out while he is standing around. So totally him ;) Also love the way you are working in actual photos of the characters too :) Inspiring! SO many shy glances and light touches between John and Rose. They are going to drive each other crazy. I adore Ianto/Jack so darn much! Jack is a magician too. I hope the Cupidís Capsule is the red one! Time for some quality time together with no interruptions! The Lake District is a little piece of heaven. Time for some bubbly. Snogging is good, but John had something important to say Rose. Looks like that snogfest affected them both in the best possible way. Jack is a genius! Snow is magical at Christmas time. Uh oh, must be something in Roseís past that has jumped up and freaked her out. Rose is struggling with her grief and Johnís heart is breaking :( What a place to end the chapter! Thank you so much for posting this great update!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! They ARE driving each other crazy! :P There's a clue in chapter 1 for what happened to Rose :( Though we'll find out more later. Love your comments :)

WHOvian4ever2018.01.28 - 08:38PM4: Chapter 4Signed
I really enjoy this story, thanks for a lovely chapter. I sure do hope Rose will let Mickey down easy, but she needs to focus on John instead. Love their back stories. They are both so full of memories, need to make new ones together.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! We especially love your last sentence - thatís it right there :):):)

rutsky2018.01.28 - 12:24PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This has been lovely to read; you have a very good grasp of how grief affects someone. Even more important, you're able to write it. And you've written a believable recovery from grief (one never completely recovers, but the wounds do scar over.) I love how you've made Jack and Ianto John's de facto family. I also love all the nods to other Whoniverse characters (Ben and Polly, FTW! Clara and Bill! And Susan, of course!) Thanks so much for writing this. I'm looking forward to Chapter 5, and I've favorited the story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! That has been the goal for this story and it's so great to hear it's working on that level! <3 Glad you like the other characters, we had a lot of fun planning out how to use them. :D P.S. Fleur wanted to let you know she is fangirling over you reading our story ;) ;)

bloose092018.01.26 - 09:55PM4: Chapter 4Signed
Rose is a mess and Bill sees Johnís reaction to her. Rose better figure this thing out with Mickey before she loses him as a friend too. Donít get his hopes up if you do not think it is going to work, especially before you even go on a date! I love how Clara and Bill are keeping Rose grounded. She is in full freak out mode! Rose is waffling back and forth over Mickey. Friends and being in a romantic relationship are two different things. Of course, Ianto would know the best places to eat in town ;) I feel like Jack is going to swoop in and save the day for John! Rose and John are going to need some big-time assistance if they are going to get it together :) I have faith in you wonderful authors to do just that! Come on Jack keep pushing on John to see what you saw. How can he doubt Jackís expertise in this field of study ;) John is too busy feeling sorry for himself to see anything clearly. Hooray! John is going to give it a go! What a lovely letter. If only John would send it to Rose. Her reaction would be golden! It seems Rose was as moved by their meeting as John was. Oh, how I wish one of them would send their letters! Come on Jack, they need your help! Rose should not lead Mickey on though. John is so bad at talking to Rose it is so cute! Awwww, he noticed the menu board was in Roseís handwriting. Oh yeah, bananas are good! Food is always a good icebreaker especially when one of you made it. What a cute scene eating the scone. Rose misses her hubby so much, but she is ready to live life again. Healing takes time and everyone is on a different schedule. Some really good sharing of emotions and interests going on. Argh! That would have been the perfect time to give Rose his latest letter. I would have swooned on the spot! Hopefully, there will be another chance and soon. Luscious photo of Paul McGann. Nice DW connection having Eight be James. Thank you for another superb chapter! I am way too invested in this story :)

Author's Response: Haha, true, he really should understand Jack knows best about these things :P They've really got some good people around them. Thank you so much for sharing your reactions! :D

bloose092018.01.20 - 04:37PM3: Chapter 3Signed
I love Susanís excitement over meeting her favorite author. Team TARDIS! Oh yeah! So Rose thinks John Smith is a hottie. Jack is getting a lot of mileage out of this whole thing. Nothing like a good friend to take the piss out of you! I am glad Jack came with the Doctor so he can keep him grounded. Now it is Jackís turn to be the focus of good-natured teasing. The Doctor is preparing himself for a letdown :( He doesnít want to be hurt, but he already is. Being rejected hurts. Time for some business. It is so good to see young people engaged in books. Susan taking note of pronunciations is too cool! The was some powerful eye contact going on there. Rose is going to have to have a private moment. John came to the Bad Wolf Cafe with Susan and Jackie? No way that is an accident. It seems John was as moved with their eye contact as Rose was. It is so sad how he is ready for failure. I love how John draws Susan out of her shyness in meeting him. He really is a great guy! Ding! John meets Susan! Leave it to Jack to get the opportunity John has been wishing for. Too funny how John is losing it and dropping things all over the place. Hahaha! How could John get even more clumsy, only this time it is his mouth that is out of control. Jack is so awesome! John owes him big time for this smooth set up. Now letís see what he makes of his opportunity. Mickey has terrible timing and that is for sure. Now Johnís heart is fully broken :( *weeps for him* Thank you for a wonderful update!

Author's Response: Haha, he's pretty shook up and falling all over himself!! Thank you so much, we're grinning over this. There is much more to come! :D:D

Dreamcatcher2018.01.20 - 11:38AM3: Chapter 3Signed
Believe that as long as Jack is there to give that push, they have a chance...ooh yeah, pictures are fantastic and a bit yummy!

Author's Response: Jack is the real MVP of this story, haha. Thank you! ((Thanks, I'm super proud of how that moodboard turned out :P)

WHOvian4ever2018.01.13 - 09:14PM2: Chapter 2Signed
I'm going to find this movie after you finish this story, you have really sparked my interest.
This is such an emotional story, the way they bare their souls on paper... It is really touching. I totally enjoy reading the letters, gosh, the feels. They are helping to heal each other, giving strength.
I will have faith in the romance of the story... Mickey will remain just a friend....she will eventually meet the Doctor....
I look forward to your updates, wonderful feel good story.

Author's Response: The letters are so important to us!! It's old-fashioned kismet. Thank you for your faith ;) and your comments!!

Anonymous2018.01.13 - 06:43AM2: Chapter 2Signed
Wonderful and fresh story. I look forward to your next installment. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! We're so glad you're enjoying it!!

bloose092018.01.12 - 10:50PM2: Chapter 2Signed
I really like Bill. Susan wants to keep the memories of her father alive, but Rose is still grieving and trying to deal with her pain. Johnís letter hit a note with Susan. Rose was that impressed that she wrote back to the Doctor? Pen pal time! The jumper must be beautiful if it matches Johnís eyes. There is something so personal about a true letter. The fact that two lonely people, struggling with grief, connect through letters is a bit of a Christmas miracle. I havenít seen the movie but Iíll have to search it out :) I like how he leaves his letter open for Rose to decide whether or not to reply to him. It seems both of them needed this connection :) Of course, James and John were/are Charles Dickens fans :) Their letters are so easy flowing and full of details that make up a life. John has made a production out of reading and replying to Roseís letters. I was wondering if John would get up the courage to ask for her name. I adore the Muppets! I mean, who doesnít? It is so good to see how happy Rose is. Everyone sees the difference in her and it is a very good thing! You never know what life is going to deal you. At least Rose has those special times with James and also has Susan. Nothing can replace those memories! John doesnít want to leave his mailbox? Sweet! That quote from Dickens is one of my favs! Talking to another person about your pain, when you are ready, is very therapeutic. Leave it to Jackie to throw cold water on Roseís joy. Who knows that maybe, one day, the Doctor will be ďhereĒ too. Never settle Rose! It is sad to see the joy go out of John. John is going to search out Rose? You go! Thank you for adding the photos! I dig that photoshoot so much! Thank you so much for a tremendous update!

Author's Response: It's always so fun reading your real time reactions! :D:D Hallmark seems to have put the movie in it's regular Christmas rotation. It was Fleur who first saw it and knew it would make a great framework for a Doctor/Rose au. ;) Thank you!!

Author's Response: p.s. from Fleur - the movie is available on youtube!

Dreamcatcher2018.01.12 - 10:24PM2: Chapter 2Signed
I know Jackie means well, but settling is never a good thing and it usually ends badly for both parties...love the pictures you posted.

Author's Response: It's an interesting side of Jackie to play with, how she can be ruthlessly practical in some ways. In this story, she wants most of all for her daughter and granddaughter to be cared for, and she's projecting some stuff onto Rose too, at a vulnerable time. But...stay tuned! ;) ;) Thank you so much, we love getting your comments! (Ahh, and that photoshoot is so beautiful, isn't it??)

WHOvian4ever2018.01.10 - 06:13AM1: Chapter 1Signed
I'm looking forward to reading this very much. I've not seen the movie but it sounds like it will be a really good story. Love Susan and Rose's relationship. Rose and John are two wounded souls, I hope they find their way to each other.

Author's Response: Thank you, we're so glad you're reading!! The breadcrumbs have been laid :P tuned to see how they follow them... ;)

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