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WHOvian4ever2018.02.03 - 10:57PM16: EpilogueSigned
I'm so sad to see this story end, I have looked forward to each and every chapter. You gave new life to our grumpy Alec and I really enjoyed his change of character and his love for Rose.
The recital was described perfectly, I could see the dancers going through their numbers. Alec's parents are great! Rose and Daisy are so good for each other!!
And she said, "yes!!" Can't wait for the wedding.
Absolutely perfect my dear. Thanks for this great story.

Author's Response: Thank you! Your comments mean so much to me! And I will get the wedding written one of these days!! :)

Laurie Spitzer2018.02.03 - 01:56AM16: EpilogueSigned
Aw, Daisy was happy for them! Finally, a mum that would care about her. What a sweet, sweet story. I'm going to miss visiting with this new Alec and his enthusiastic love for Rose. Well, done, you!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! Iíll be revisiting them in the future. I have a hard time letting go.

Tardiscrew2018.01.29 - 01:42PM15: To Make You Feel My LoveSigned
It never gets old reading stories about those two, especially such really good ones like yours. Thanks for your work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You're words mean a lot to me :)

Laurie Spitzer2018.01.29 - 01:08AM15: To Make You Feel My LoveSigned
Ah, she said it! Too sweet! and too hot! if I hadn't already a temp of 101 right now, from illness, I would for sure have one now from that last bit. As it is, now I need to find some aspirin, and turn on the fan! Thanks for overheating me. It's better than a sauna!

Author's Response: Iím so glad you liked it! And I hope you feel better soon! Fever is miserable when youíre an adult. Kids will be 104 and running around playing. Not grown ups LOL. Get well soon!!

WHOvian4ever2018.01.28 - 08:45PM15: To Make You Feel My LoveSigned
Oh please donít say you are almost finished with this great story!!!

Lovely chapter, hotness was.... well.....hot!!im
So glad Rose accepted Alecís appology and is going to give him another chance. And they both said the three little words, squeeee. They belong together!!!
Excellent fix it, so much fun to read

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! Iím sure Iíll revisit them in other fics. I have a hard time letting go!

Laurie Spitzer2018.01.21 - 03:32PM14: Recognition Signed
Well, that was (Swallows lump) touching. At least Alec finally got the words out. Now it's up to Rose to accept what he said as truth. Hopefully, the wall between their bedrooms will be breached soon! Great update!

Author's Response: Thank you! Rose has a lot to think on!

WHOvian4ever2018.01.21 - 02:47PM14: Recognition Signed
Be still my heart, she listened, she is letting him stay. I was so worried but it looks like they may be heading in the right direction. Are you sure you donít want to update again tomorrow?

So glad Granddad is going to be ok!!

Absolutely perfect chapter, thanks so much for not dragging the angst out for long!!

Author's Response: Thank you! Iím so glad you liked it. Iím not one for dragging out the angst. :)

WHOvian4ever2018.01.15 - 08:03PM13: ClusterfuckSigned
So glad they got Crain, what a sick bastard!!! How long has mama been brewing, EWWWWWW that is so sick and gross.
Oh Alec, you are in so much trouble and Iím so mad at you. I hope you plan to have him make contact with Rose soon, Iím dying to find out how you plan to fix his stupid mouth!!!! So hurtful, good grief, what in the world will it take to patch it up with Rose.
I was so happy to hear him admit he loves her though, only redeeming thing right now.

Author's Response: Alec is on a lot of peopleís shit lists! He gets it together soon. Just hope Rose likes it. Thank you for reading!

Laurie Spitzer2018.01.15 - 06:15PM13: ClusterfuckSigned
Well that chapter was aptly named. Great progress all the way around. Now if we can just get Alec to apologise to Rose, things will look better. I enjoyed it muchly.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! When I was writing it I said ďthis is just a clusterfuckĒ. So it stuck!!

Dreamcatcher2018.01.14 - 07:39PM13: ClusterfuckSigned
Had Miller known the whole story about Rose being cheaper than a sports car, he would have been slapped (boss or not)...somehow I don't think this thing with Crane is over yet...a gruesome but pivotal update.

Author's Response: She would have straight up beat his ass!! I wouldnít worry about Crane anymore. Alec however....

Tardiscrew2018.01.09 - 10:22PM12: When It Rains It PoursSigned
Oh this was some terrific drama. ďYou were cheaperĒ. How could he say that? I am really stuck into this story. I met DT in Montreal. What a treat that was - Best ever.

Author's Response: He is such a doll! Alec, not so much right now. I think I mustíve thought of the absolute worst thing he could say to her. But have faith!

WHOvian4ever2018.01.08 - 04:52PM12: When It Rains It PoursSigned
What a very disturbing chapter, on so many counts!!!
How in the world can Paul let them know the truth without breaking his vows?
And as for Alec and Rose, he should have never said that cruel stuff to poor Rose, I donít know how he will ever fix that, she is cut to the bone!!!
Our poor babies!!!!

My sister and I got to meet David in St. Louis , it was the highlight of my life, to meet my idol!!!! Yes, he is amazingly wonderful, Iím so glad you got to meet him too!!! Such a lovely person!!

Author's Response: Yeah, Alec definitely crossed a line! Paul isnít in a good situation. Heís damned if he does and damned if he doesnít.

Gary Merchant2018.01.08 - 08:38AM1: Welcome to BroadchurchSigned
Hmm, I like this. I've never watched Broadchurch, so this will be new to me. I will try to keep up with this. Good work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the rest!

Laurie Spitzer2018.01.07 - 11:42PM12: When It Rains It PoursSigned
Poor Rose, when it rains, it pours. I'm glad she slapped Alec; he needed it!Being overstressed at work is no excuse for being a shirty arse! I only hope Wilf is okay. Don't leave us hanging too long. Great update!

Author's Response: Yeah, Rose is not having a good day. But Alec is going to learn a big lesson about his behavior! Thank you for reading and commenting!!

WHOvian4ever2018.01.06 - 11:22AM11: Interlude: A Priest and An ArsonistSigned
Ok now I am worried. Will Paul be able to tell anyone? Surely there are exceptions to the vow of secrecy, when lives are at stake? Oh please don't let anyone get hurt by that nutter!!

Author's Response: Let me just say the story will have a happy ending. They may have to go through some things to get there but it will be a happy ending.

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