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Reviews For My Name Is No Mac

Em Kay Who2018.01.19 - 11:54PM29: Chapter 29 Happy ChristmasSigned
Ah, but Jon has solid alibis, so thankfully (and hopefully) anyone who knows him will know the truth and this won't affect his life and business too much. Great update!!

Author's Response: Yes, indeed! Gotta love those alibis. They are going to come in handy in the very near future. But what a hassle!

Em Kay Who2018.01.19 - 11:41PM28: Chapter 28 On the Road AgainSigned
Rainforest Cafe! Oh man. So many memories there! Such a lovely chapter :)

Author's Response: I love Rainforest Cafť! I've had many a Volcanic Cobb salads and fish and chips from there. as well as the volcano ice cream sundae. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting.

Bria2018.01.19 - 10:11PM29: Chapter 29 Happy ChristmasSigned
Well that's quite the Christmas! ^^

I'm sorry, but not sorry Reinette's dead. Good riddance. But for Jon to be suspected! :(

Author's Response: Well, we know Jon didn't do it, but proving it is the difficulty. Time will tell! Thanks for reviewing!

TenRoseForever2018.01.19 - 10:09PM29: Chapter 29 Happy ChristmasSigned
Bloody hell!
Well, I'm glad they'll be able to have one more lovely night together before the shit hits the fan.
I actually feel really bad for Reinette.
Great chapter. I love me a good angsty cliffie!

Author's Response: Yes, the poo is well and truly in the fan. Its going to be a rough few days for our stalwart couple. Thanks for commenting and hang with them a bit longer!

mrsbertucci2018.01.19 - 09:36PM29: Chapter 29 Happy ChristmasSigned
Holy shit! I was NOT expecting that!

I almost busted rib laughing at Jonís song and dance because it is EXACTLY something my husband would do!!!

Author's Response: You must have a lot of fun with your husband, lol! Truth is my husband would have done something like that as well back in the day. The song and dance, not the murder!

Dreamcatcher2018.01.19 - 08:38PM29: Chapter 29 Happy ChristmasSigned
It started off with fluffy-ness and great sex play but wholly guacamole, that was not how I expected Reinette to enter their lives again!

Author's Response: Gotcha! I thought we needed a little drama in between all the fluff and smut. I promise not to drag it out too long; there's only nine chapters left! Thanks for reviewing!

benty672018.01.19 - 08:02PM29: Chapter 29 Happy ChristmasSigned
OMG! What a cliffie. Now that French coo Ďs ghost is going to haunt Jon and your readers. I hope this gets resolved quickly. Still loved the chapterís craziness and sweet smut. The song was hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you! I had a lot of fun with this one, till the last couple of lines anyway. It will be resolved over the next few chapters, I promise.

WHOvian4ever2018.01.19 - 07:29PM29: Chapter 29 Happy ChristmasSigned
Yikes Sister!!! WTF are you trying to do to us? They think Jon killed the slut??? No, he didnít, he wouldnít. You need to fix this quickly!!!

Fantastic chapter till the end, I died laughing at Jonís panto, those panty hose had to be quite a site. Such a funny song.
Now, go get dressed so we can go out for some seafood, Iím hungry.

Author's Response: From murder to seafood! I don't think catfish in Oklahoma can in any way be mistaken for seafood! As for the story, it will be settled eventually. No promises when, though.

Mme_de_Pompadour2018.01.19 - 06:31PM29: Chapter 29 Happy ChristmasSigned
Holy Hannah!! I wasn't expecting that!!


Author's Response: Nothing personal, I promise, lol. Thanks for commenting!

Dreamcatcher2018.01.18 - 12:22PM28: Chapter 28 On the Road AgainSigned
So touching, my heart warms for our precious couple.

Author's Response: Aw, my heart warms from your kind remarks! They are pretty great together!

Bria2018.01.18 - 11:49AM28: Chapter 28 On the Road AgainSigned
That was lovely, especially the last sentence.

Author's Response: Thank you. Jon is a real sweetie!

mrsbertucci2018.01.18 - 03:36AM28: Chapter 28 On the Road AgainSigned
This was precious! I donít want there to be trouble!!

Author's Response: I'm sorry, but into every life some rain must fall. But rest assured Jon and Rose will be okay, I promise. Thanks for staying with me!

Mme_de_Pompadour2018.01.18 - 02:56AM28: Chapter 28 On the Road AgainSigned
Jon isn't the only one with tears in his eyes. Sweet, sweet chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! He's going to be a verra good dad!

WHOvian4ever2018.01.18 - 01:38AM28: Chapter 28 On the Road AgainSigned
Interesting Christmas menu, not sure I want to try clootie dumplings, but they canít be as bad as haggis (sorry if that offends anyone but I didnít much care for haggis when Laurie and I tried some at a Scottish festival) give me good old TexMex and barbque.
Awwww they are in Galveston and staying at the Galvez!!!!! Gosh how many times have we vacayed in Galveston. And, the wonderful Rainforest Cafť with the great special effects. I could never afford the Galvez but sure do enjoy driving passed it. Gorgeous and very romantic.
This chapter is another walk down memory lane for us Sister, makes me want to get on the road and head South!!!

Author's Response: Me. too. Maybe some day we can do it again! I could use me some fresh seafood and warm weather. till then, we have to live vicariously thru Jon and Rose!

benty672018.01.17 - 11:52PM28: Chapter 28 On the Road AgainSigned
I just love the banter between Jon and Rose. They are just so adorable and sweet with one another. Your writing is wonderful. I will truly miss this story and these amazing characters youíve created when itís done. Thanks so much for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind comments! I already miss writing about them, but at least you have 10 more chapters with them.

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