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Erica2016.11.16 - 12:47PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I was really happy to see this chapter. It was wonderful. I do hope you do continue hope you continue with these series.

Author's Response: (belated response) thank you! I am actively working on writing, it's just that I'm incredibly slow and distractable.

Hellostarlight202016.09.07 - 10:39AM1: Chapter 1Signed
I just...*love* I love the new fic, so happy to see you back and so, so thrilled with this lovely, heartwarming, and so very spot on story with Jackie, Four, and Romana! This is perfection. Made my entire morning, I love it so very much. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing it, so I'm glad people enjoyed reading :-D

jer8322016.09.06 - 08:27PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Reading, I have been speechless with admiration, pleasure, and joy. I'm going to start giggling any minute and I truly don't know how long before I will be able to stop.

Thank you for Four and Romana and for characterization and dialog so perfect I might have been eavesdropping a Classic episode. Thank you for this marvelous little temporal rest stop and all that came of the Doctor crossing his own time line to get groceries, and for him cheekily making himself remember. Thank you for Jackie Tyler, a force not to be dismissed (as Romana surmised immediately), and for a Sara Jane grown up wise and understanding but still spunky and brave no matter what alien she faces.

Thank you for a few moments of pitch-perfect chaos in the life of the Doctor. And thankyou-thankyou-thankyou for Four!

Author's Response: You always give me my favorite reviews, hah. I love the blondes in the Doctor's life, and I've always wanted to see Romana interact with any of the Tylers. I think she would approve of all of them -- anyone who can keep the Doctor in line, really. I really love the idea of crossing Classic with NewWho, just because of how different the worlds they live in are. And Four, of course, is the definitive 'Classic' Doctor.

Dreamcatcher2016.09.05 - 11:21AM1: Chapter 1Signed
So happy you are back with our favorite couple...Jackie was at her best and loved every moment of this brilliant story.

Author's Response: Thank you! Jackie is always fun to write

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