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taleya2006.04.06 - 08:48PM12: EpilogueSigned
....yes! Once more you have completely failed to fail to deliver (does that make sense?) I've long liked your work - you're one of the few writers who manages to give each character equal time and remain IC each time, as well as a decent plot that moves along at a decent pace. I love it.

Nor have you shirked away from the very real repercussions of the Doctor's suspicion of Tegan - after the Mara and Mariner, finding that not even the Doctor trusts her mind completely would definitely result in the reaction that you portrayed. It's only a pity there's not a "HOLY FREAKING HELL I LOVED IT!" opinion in the dropdown box :(

LilacFree2006.04.04 - 04:22PM12: EpilogueSigned
All over! Such a satisfying story, too. I certainly enjoy AU. I like humor. I like romantic fluff. I like wild speculative pieces that shred the envelope of canon. Yet there is something purely wonderful about a story that fits into canon seamlessly. It gives me more of what there can never be more of. So thank you, Patrice, very much.

LilacFree2006.04.03 - 03:34PM10: Chapter 10Signed
Once again, tea saves the day! Poor Tegan, she always has such a rough time of it. I really liked this chapter. It had such a strong sense of the cast and the original show.

Mrs Peel2006.04.02 - 10:24AM9: Chapter 9Signed
Patrice, this story is more unique and finely crafted than most of the "professionally" published 'Who' literature, with a real sense of the format of the show and the wonderful characterizations! Enjoying very much!

Mrs Peel2006.04.02 - 10:14AM8: Chapter 8Signed
Wow! An intense chapter! I love the idea of piloting the "vessel" and how, in a way, it relates to the TARDIS (realizing it's sentient though perhaps a bit moreso than the TARDIS!). That whole aspect of the story is really a new and refreshing look at a typical alien invasion type scenario. Rather from within, isn't it? Excellent stuff!

Mrs Peel2006.04.02 - 10:01AM7: Chapter 7Signed
Another fantastic chapter. I adore the characterization! Especially the Doctor, in this chapter! You really capture the performance on page! On to read more!

Mrs Peel2006.04.01 - 11:10AM6: Chapter 6Signed
Another fantastic and intriguing (ooh, I keep using the word but it's appropriate!) chapter! The interaction between the Doctor and Tegan is fab, especially when they're discussing the Mara and isn't Turlough looking mighty suspicious right about now... I love the set up and I love the way it's unfolding!

Mrs Peel2006.03.31 - 05:52PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Catching up on my reading and was delighted to find a wealth of new chapters of your wonderful story! Very intrigued and still not quite sure what's going on and who is doing what... Hm, the vessel, huh? Very good stuff!

Mrs Peel2006.03.31 - 05:51PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Catching up on my reading and was delighted to find a wealth of new chapters of your wonderful story! Very intrigued and still not quite sure what's going on and who is doing what... Hm, the vessel, huh? Very good stuff!

Blue_Star2006.03.31 - 05:10PM9: Chapter 9Signed
Patrice, I am really enjoying this as I do will all your stories. You've created a tale that is backed up nicely by a very believable alien culture. I'm looking forward to what happens next!

Mouth On Legs2006.03.31 - 02:30PM1: Chapter 1Signed
Just a question :-) How'd you get so fantastic? I could see and hear every word. Thanks for another exciting installment!

warinbabylon2006.03.30 - 04:16PM8: Chapter 8Signed
You certainly have a wonderful sense of cliffhangers! Am looking forward to the rest of this with held breath. :D Thank you!

Tim2006.03.30 - 07:27AM7: Chapter 7Signed
Keep going, Patrice, I'm enjoying this story.

Elanor2006.03.28 - 01:23PM6: Chapter 6Signed
This is a very intriguing story that keeps you guessing all the way through. I can perfectly imagine this shamanic culture and I adore the idea! What I especially like about this chapter is the interaction between the Doc and Tegan. Very nicely handled - you've got the awkwardness and also the concern just right.
As always the whole story is cleverly plotted, well written and ... just post the rest, we can't wait!

Mrs Peel2006.03.25 - 11:42AM4: Chapter 4Signed
Very intriguing indeed! The chacaterization is fantastic, Tegan in particular shine because she's been so in the spotlight. I have theories which are probably totally off because you keep adding these little clues and perhaps misleads so I'll just have to wait and see what happens!

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