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Reviews For Spectrum

NewElizaD2016.01.15 - 04:53AM3: Part 3Signed
God! This Fic was fantastic. Really fantastic! Thanks so much for we te it. One of m tabs.

NewElizaD2016.01.15 - 04:44AM3: Part 3Signed
God! This Fic was fantastic. Really fantastic! Thanks so much for we te it. One of m tabs.

Bria2016.01.13 - 08:40PM3: Part 3Signed
What a wonderful ending. Even with the reassurance of a happy ending I still had my heart in my throat through much of this. So glad Jenny survived and while I of course understand and appreciate John's worry about Rose, I'm totally with her and her opinion on that. But of course in the end I'm glad they are together and happy. Lovely story and I'm so glad they put a stop to Torchwood.

Bria2016.01.10 - 02:25AM2: Part 2Signed
Your pacing on this is brilliant and kept me on the edge of my seat. I'm so glad that while this is AU, Jack is still good and came around. I'm also glad Mickey joined the band and look forward to everybody taking down Torchwood (hopefully with no losses....).

Bria2016.01.06 - 08:50PM1: Part 1Signed
Wow!!! This Torchwood is EVIL! Poor Rose made to want Mickey when she doesn't (sorry, Mickey and I do feel bad he's likely hurting too) and John for not knowing. I want John and Rose to take them down with their new friends but that line... no!!!!

SilentStars2016.01.06 - 12:29AM1: Part 1Signed
oooh this is such a wonderful surprise! loving it so far! Poor babies :-)

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