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GSK2006.06.27 - 07:03PM18: Chapter Eighteen: No Running In the Library HallsSigned
I found this site and story by accident and registered specifically to be able to leave feedback. Incredible writing! Love the humor, setting, style, and sensibility. The only problem with it is that it kept me up way too late last night. More soon, please!

Author's Response: (gulp) You are too kind. Too, too kind. Thanks for reading and double thanks for leaving feedback! FEEDBACK! RARRGGGHHHH -- yeah, I\'ve been up too late myself. . .

Titania2006.06.25 - 12:45PM18: Chapter Eighteen: No Running In the Library HallsSigned
Damn! Damn! Damn! You can't leave me hanging like this! It's not fair! Please post another soon! Pretty please? Titania

Author's Response: Working on it. Sorry for delays. Thanks for reading!

Membio2006.06.19 - 03:42PM18: Chapter Eighteen: No Running In the Library HallsSigned
I donít know if "Endure" is the right word... devour? I have been reading this story ravenously. It is a great action adventure-- ducts are always good- not like bananas~ but good. Squidy tentacled police droids are great-- lobster claws slashing and gnashing! Wow... you also keep up a wonderful line of humour that the characters would need to keep sane is this insanity...
Really amazingly excellent... when will you have another chapter for us frothing fans??

Author's Response: Ducts are love. *The Satan Pit* had me howling with joy. I\'m glad the action bits are working out -- this was originally more of a quiet little whodunnit (and only six chapters) but then it kind of exploded. And squid!droids and lobsters are, like bananas, love. And ducts. Yes. I\'m going on vacation in a week, and will force myself to finish at least another chapter -- in the meantime, thanks for enduring!

tempest2006.06.15 - 12:11AM18: Chapter Eighteen: No Running In the Library HallsSigned
I think I may have already said how much I love the tone of your writing... Anyway, I'm saying it again!!!

Poor Ragusa; I had to laugh at this:
"All they needed now, Ragusa thought dazedly, were some animated bluebirds to alight on the girl's shoulder and they'd be set.

This did not seem like one of her normal trains of thought, but repeated electrocution allows for some variance in normal cognitive processes"

That lift guy was such a laugh!

You should be proud, you made me look up mythopoetic...

Oohh, the ending, intriguing.
Looking forward to the next chapter.

Great job as usual :)

Author's Response: Word-a-day, yay! Thanks for sticking with it all . . .

schaeferTXTX2006.06.04 - 11:31PM18: Chapter Eighteen: No Running In the Library HallsSigned
Ragusa -- spines erect, mandibles skittering, eyes narrowed to slivers of mindless rage -- lunged screaming into the threshold like something out of a Ridley Scott movie and Rose knew she'd be terrified if she could still feel anything and --

The man with the clipboard screamed and fainted.

The doors attempted to close after a few seconds of them just staring, but with his leg in the treads they kept edging politely back.

"I think he works in Central Processing," Ragusa said distantly.

"Oh," was all Rose could say.

I think I have worked with this woman as my boss at some point in time. I am still laughing! Thanks for the continued labor...

Author's Response: Heh! Thanks for the continued reading! . . . I maintain that librarians are scary but wonderful people.

LilacFree2006.06.02 - 07:22AM18: Chapter Eighteen: No Running In the Library HallsSigned
What a great action chapter! Very cinematic. It's always an extra when the words create image and motion in my head.

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback! :)

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