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tempest2006.06.01 - 05:49PM17: Chapter Seventeen: Unruly Patrons Will Be Asked To LeaveSigned
Wow. Okay I absolutely loved those flash scenes from the time warÖ Brilliant.

Had to laugh at this: ďeach grasping appendage bristling with things that looked like the unholy union of a personal taser and a cheese graterĒ

Lovely chapter. Sorry for reviewing twice, but I felt it necessary.
Great work, I look forward to the next instalment.

Author's Response: Whew. Did worry. The line between \"horrific destruction\" and \"campy angst-fest\" is one I tread unevenly . . . \"Cheese grater\" makes any sentence funny. Like \"Bundt cake\". And hopefully the next installment is tonight. Hopefully. Thanks for reviewing again!

tempest2006.06.01 - 03:29AM17: Chapter Seventeen: Unruly Patrons Will Be Asked To LeaveSigned
Yep, the tempestuous friendly typing cuttlefish is still here and is continuing to love your work. The unfortunate realities of life (I have discovered that it takes actual mental activity to keep up with schoolwork... ha, that was totally irrelevant, sorry.) have caught up with me, and I have been forced to temporarily abandon my forays into the world of fanfiction.

I will return, with more useful and constructive reviews!
Until then, farewell! and keep going with this wonderful fic!!
Yay!, go Cryptile!!

Of course we haven't lost patience with this. Don't be absurd! It is really good!

Author's Response: (weeps) Dude. *So* with you on the problems of mental activity; life does tend to get out of hand . . . hopefully you\'ll be back in the fanfic saddle again soon? Pleez? And you\'ve no idea how much it means to me that you\'re still reading this. Thanks!

Emery Board2006.05.12 - 09:24PM17: Chapter Seventeen: Unruly Patrons Will Be Asked To LeaveSigned
Hey, Cryptile! Excellent chapter, as usual, how do you manage to keep it up?

Loved this line in particular, The Director's voice could've etched diamond.

Fantastic imagery, it really gives me a great mental picture. Mind if I use it in my next chapter?

All right, now I'm going to give you a really long, ranting review about everything I like, just like you do for me, (and by the way, I love it!)

I love how Rose is proactive (sound familiar? :). She actually thinks and does something, even if it turns out to not work very well. Oh well, itís the thought that counts. . .

The Doctor, trapped in his own memories of the time war. . . how awful, and what a twist! Jack was perfect, you can tell the Doctor doesnít want to like him, wants to keep his distance, but heís having trouble!
Thatís more from the last chapter than this one, but I forgot to mention how much I loved it.

Ragusa really is getting a raw deal, isnít she? Hidden away on a planet dedicated to keeping the books no one wants, turning into a hooligan right before her own eyes. . . I love her though. She reminds me of a teacher I once had! :)

It gives your reviews to Wolf at the Door an added quality, when the person who writes them has such a fantastic grasp of the characters, and such a brilliant handle on all of them, but Jack and the Doctor in particular.

Itís going on my favís pile (to be honest, I thought I had put it on weeks ago *blush*) and I canít WAIT to read the next bit.

And I think youíre going to have to fight Fizzwizz for that coffee LOL.

Author's Response: Dude, borrow away! (squeals) Yeah, proactive Rose, wonder why that sounds familiar ;) . . . glad someone likes Ragusa; you always end up wondering how new characters fare against the regulars. She\'s based on a few teachers I know, and librarians, and one or two fish as well. Means a lot to me that you like how I write Jack and the Doctor -- Jack\'s a slippery fish, sometimes (or at least for me). Thanks for your huge wonking review! . . . the coffee is MINE I NEED IT FOR MY BRAINMEATS I FIGHT--

LilacFree2006.05.12 - 06:32AM17: Chapter Seventeen: Unruly Patrons Will Be Asked To LeaveSigned
I'm still here too! And I love the team of Rose and Ragusa. I think they need their own spinoff show.

Author's Response: \"She\'s a shopgirl. She\'s a giant lobster. Can they share an apartment?\" Many thanks for still putting up with this beast, and reviewing! Yay!

wmr2006.05.12 - 06:27AM17: Chapter Seventeen: Unruly Patrons Will Be Asked To LeaveSigned
Also because they're probably the only four people still reading this beast at this point.

Absolutely not true, and you know it! And why isn't this posted on T&C yet?

Anyway... wow, talk about tense! The only way out: through the fires? And you made me ache for Jack. And the Doctor, dragging him after him, determined that no-one else will die. :(

Yay for Rose, still proactive, and an even bigger yay for Ragusa. :) I love Ragusa. But how will she ever live this down?

More. More. I'm absolutely on the edge of my seat and my fingernails are worn down to the quick!

Author's Response: Thanks very very very very very much! -- I didn\'t post this on T&C because everyone was still upset over a certain episode and I wanted to wait a bit until the reaction fic ebbed off. And again, the Jack!love is mostly YOUR fault, so there ;) As for Ragusa -- well, she\'s never living this down. Thanks for reviewing!

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