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Reviews For Past Due

tempest2006.04.14 - 11:06PM15: Chapter Fifteen: Adult SectionSigned
This is so wonderful, I'm so glad you updated it. I've been waiting with bated breath for this chapter and it hasn't disapointed.
Great job!!
I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks for hanging on with this monster :) Updating soon . . . hopefully . . and glad you like it!

Merrie2006.04.13 - 08:27PM15: Chapter Fifteen: Adult SectionSigned
This is such a great fic! I'm loving the Doctor and Jack together. :D Fun stuff. Please update again soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Next bit coming up (hopefully) soon . . .

Emery Board2006.04.13 - 05:13PM15: Chapter Fifteen: Adult SectionSigned
Ex-shopgirl, no A-Levels, knows how to spell "TARDIS" and remembers at least four of the words it describes. Good with climbing ropes. Assistant to the alien who routinely saves the world; nearly destroyed it herself on two occasions --

I LOVED this. Thanks so much for the dedication. I want MORE!
How's this; I refuse to publish any more Wolf at the Door until I get a new chapter!

*mwah, ha, ha!*

Author's Response: YOU. WOULDN\'T. Hawt Eighth Doctor and Angst!Rose would totally destroy you, assuming everyone else who\'s reading Wolf at the Door didn\'t get to you first! ARRRRGHHHH . . .

Asano2006.04.13 - 07:15AM15: Chapter Fifteen: Adult SectionAnonymous
So what's the more effective method to get you to write more? Offering chocolate or threatening with a baseball bat? 'Cause I've got both lying around here, and a long weekend coming up, so...y'know...

Author's Response: All right! I must really be onto something if people are threatening my life! WHOO-HOO! . . . I\'m actually trying to finish up a comic for this upcoming convention -- in between working two part-time jobs -- so I write when I can. Promise that I\'ll post something on Easter (barring death, disintegration, or the mysterious rabbit knifing me). And thanks for reading and commenting!

wmr2006.04.13 - 05:53AM15: Chapter Fifteen: Adult SectionSigned
"What . . " Rose forced her voice to sound level. "What's the matter with Jack?"

The Doctor fixed her with a long, dead stare. "He's been absorbed by the Book."

Scary! Scary, scary, scary...

And about time you wrote more, you know? Keeping us on tenterhooks for ages! This story is way, way up on my favourites list - probably my favourite multipart story. So you'd better finish it, and fast - and please, don't do a 'People used to dream about the future' with it? *begging* More soon, please?

Author's Response: . . . it will probably not be twenty chapters. I mean, I\'m hoping. You know the saying. Life being what happens when you\'re busy making other plans, et cetera . . . It really means a lot to me that you like this story. Appreciate the feedback, too; good to know when it\'s all working (or IF it\'s all working) . . .

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