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Reviews For Past Due

Emery Board2006.04.02 - 05:30PM14: Chapter Fourteen: Due NoticeSigned
This is great. The dialogue was brilliant, and I loved the way the Doctor wore her down, fantastic job!

I just had to give you my favourite quotes, sorry!
when it came to technobabble she'd learned just to nod and look hopeful. Maybe cock her head to the side and peer up expectantly.

a flippant remark about calamari which her brain deliberately forgot as a self-preservation measure.

Rose was beginning to think that she really needed to stop trusting the Doctor this much.

Author's Response: No one else actually mentioned the Ragusa bit, which was making me think it was a bit wrong. It\'s kinda expositionary, granted . . I think I was trying to channel the Seventh Doctor, but he\'s a hard act to follow . . . really glad you liked it, though! (whew)!

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