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Reviews For Past Due

LadyCara2011.05.17 - 04:53PM12: Chapter Twelve -- The Book Drop Is for After-Hours ReturnsSigned
I don't have the words to tell you how much I love this fic. I already know that I don't want to reach the end of this fic.

You know, I've got the strange feeling that Vetch is somehow related to Arthur Dent ;)

Emery Board2006.04.02 - 05:17PM12: Chapter Twelve -- The Book Drop Is for After-Hours ReturnsSigned
Fav. quotes for the chapter;
"Looking for the Book."

"In a duct?"

"I was following the signal."

"In a duct?"

that's Dr. Thinks-He's-The-Easter-Bunny to you.

I can't even start saying how much I enjoyed that. Fast paced, and very witty. 10/10!

Author's Response: Would you like it in a duct? Would you say this chapter sucked? I will not read it in a duct, I would not say this chapter sucked, I do so love a good review, and thus it is that I thank you! Now for some green eggs and ham.

wmr2006.03.20 - 11:50AM12: Chapter Twelve -- The Book Drop Is for After-Hours ReturnsSigned
Saw you'd posted it here too, so had to come and read the new chapter a second time. ;) And by any chance is it the book that's blocking Jack's transmission? Can't wait to find out just how Rose is brilliant this time, by the way!

Author's Response: Not deliberately -- muwahahaha, etc. -- but just mucking with the lights and power supply in general. I kind of set that up in earlier chapters with reports about power fluctuations, even though I only had a vague idea of how they\'d tie into it . . as with rocking TARDISES, strange power fluctuations seem to be a lynchpin of Doctor Who . . . and as always, thanks very much!

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