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Reviews For Past Due

Amy Wolf2006.06.12 - 03:11AM11: Chapter Eleven: See Reference SectionSigned
Those bloody Wachowskis.

"Lots of people have definite articles for a name!"

Truly awesome.

Author's Response: Whoo-hoo! Thanks! ;)

ponygirl2006.03.17 - 07:22AM11: Chapter Eleven: See Reference SectionSigned
Aack! How did I manage to miss this update? And I'm with wmr-- the only suffering comes *between* the updates! Another great chapter. Love your view from inside the Doctor's head!

Author's Response: Glad you like it! Will do better!

drox2006.03.16 - 10:37PM11: Chapter Eleven: See Reference SectionSigned
Eleven chapters in and I'm loving this more all the time. Even your expository bits (and it's good to have them at last)are a delight to read! A skill you have that I am most envious of. Kudos!

Author's Response: Thanks for sticking with it!

wmr2006.03.16 - 06:01AM11: Chapter Eleven: See Reference SectionSigned
Long-suffering? You are kidding! Do you realise that I read each of your chapters at least twice, often three or even four times? I need to in order to make sure I've missed nothing and to appreciate the humour fully. Absolutely wonderful stuff! This is seriously one of the best Nine fics I've read, right up there with writers like Saganami Dreams.

Author's Response: . . . I am not worthy . . I am not worthy . . . I am not worthy . . .

Emery Board2006.03.15 - 11:07PM11: Chapter Eleven: See Reference SectionSigned
Yeah, more story! Loved the Doctor's anger. Fav. quote; " -- kill him. See how much he likes that full head of hair and toothy grin when I shove it back up through his own -- "

Very well done, and I'm thrilled I got a mention in your notes!

Author's Response: WHOFANS UNITE! REPRESENT! HOLLA!! (ahem) Thanks very much!

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